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We asked our Facebook fans for their funniest yard sale stories, best “finds”, and greatest moments. We received a great response from some obviously seasoned yard “sailers.” Here are some of their best yard sale tales! Don’t miss HGTV’s Endless Yard Sale 2009 this Sunday at 8/7c!

Mary: My best yard sale memory was when June Carter Cash stopped in at my yard sale. She was digging through the stuff and it was pretty embarrassing to have her buying my junk! We had a lovely conversation though – she was a truly beautiful human. It was one of my luckiest days!

Jill: My greatest yard sale moment was when a customer left his sweet little girl at our sale. I guess he was just too excited to get to the next yard sale and left his little one behind. She was the cutest little thing and my husband took her in his arms and held her until her daddy realized he had heft her… about 45 minutes later. The best part was to see my husband’s concern for her and the compassion he showed. I’m so glad that her daddy forgot her at our sale and not somewhere else. We took good care of her.

Sheila: Funniest yard sale moment? This was years ago: I was looking through an estate sale and a woman came up to me and handed me some stuff she wanted and told me to hold it while she finished looking. I was so shocked (or confused?); I stood there until she came back for her stuff!

Carole: Best yard sale moment: this past August watching HGTV film in TN. We kept trying to get on camera but decided we couldn’t hold in our tummies that long!!

Judie: I had bought a rocker at an auction for $30, with the intention of refinishing it. It sat in my basement for a couple years and I realized I was never going to get around to refinishing it, so I decided to sell it. The very same auctioneer came up to me at the yard sale and announced that he would not pay a penny more than $50 for the rocker. I sighed and said, well, ok I’ll take 50. High 5′s all around after he left because, as I figure it, it made $20 sitting in my basement for 2 years.

Michele: My parents held a yard sale and my dad had some copper pipes from his parent’s house that he was going to scrap. Someone came up and asked how much he was selling it for. When my dad said he was going to scrap it the guy said, “I’ll give you $40.” My dad said “How about $30?” We haven’t let him live it down….Good thing he isn’t in sales!

Adell: I bought a Czechoslovakian vase for 10 cents and sold it to a collector for $35.00 also a UND pottery vase for $3.00 and sold to a collector for $135.00. :)

Debi: How weird is this? My sister sold a unique shirt during high school (1974) in a garage sale at our home in Lafayette, LA. My sister moved to Austin, TX when she finished college. Several years later, she sees a girl at another garage sale in Austin wearing her shirt. She is sure of it. She asks the girl where she got it. The girl says “No where around here.” My sister keeps prodding and learns that this same girl is the one who bought her shirt 30 years earlier.

Janet: I got a Rowe Pottery miniature birdhouse, 25th anniversary piece for 25 cents; it’s obvious the person didn’t know what she had!

Gina: My 7 year old son telling the lady selling at the flea market that he only had $5 to buy the $10 item and when she agreed he gave her a $20 to pay for it

Paul: I scored a Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays baseball card for 50 cents.

Jennifer: I found 4 Heywood Wakefield Dog Bone chairs at a sale for $10 for the set!! They had been painted in green craft paint which came off with nail polish remover leaving the beautiful original finish. I later sold the set for $500! Score!!

Cheryl: Got a brand new, full length, fully lined, faux sheared beaver coat for THREE DOLLARS. It’s gorgeous and cruelty free!

Carol: Our best was moment was when we were having a yard sale ourselves and a woman was excited to see this wooden box we were selling for 5.00. She gave us this long history on how old it was, how it was on old bakers box that was used to deliver warm bread from the bakeries to the grocers..etc. We still had no need for it, I quickly made a “historic story sign” and 20 minutes later we got 50.00 for it !!!!!

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8 Responses

  1. Ann Van Saun says:

    My very best yard sale moment was when I went to buy the NY times on Sunday, saw a garage sale and stopped . I found a a middle aged woman setting up her yard and basement. I went down the stairs and found it filled with interesting stuff, and lots of Roseville pottery The pottery was priced from 50 cents to $1.00 each. I got very excited but I didnt want to show just how excited , so I just said " you know this stuff is collectible to some people?" She said " it's ugly, I hate it, I said OK, I grabbed a laundry basket for sale, ( 50 cents same as some of the pottery) filled it with Roseville and drove home laughing my head off. I later sold all but one piece to a collector, I made a ton of money and I have a very hard time not stopping at sales ever since. I keep looking for that pottery at the end of the rainbow!!

  2. Carole says:

    I don't have garage sales very often, but when I do I really enjoy meeting all of the garage people and neighbors that come out of the woodwork. I love giving little children trinkets that they look longingly at but can't afford. It's called "pay it forward". I know I'm in it to make money, but it also gives me a great feeling when I give it away. That is probably what the lady with the Roseville pottery was thinking. She was done with it and she made someone very happy and rich.

  3. sally... says:

    weve been doing this yard sale for about 11 years now in a row, complete die-hards! drive to gadsden alabama and work our way all the way down to cinti, ohio and come home to indiana, our best buy ever, being an antique dealer i work hard looking for the best deal, so here it is, a few years back, a beautiful ,rare,mint indian scene embossed blue/white butter crock with the flour co. stamped on the bottom, it was given as a premium in a bag of flour about early 1920s or so..paid 5 bucks,i knew what it was ,i swear i was shaking when i handing the guy my money. sold it for 1600.00 a week later, bingo! … also bought an ugly framed picture this year ,paid 17.00, suspected it had another picture behind it, got it home, and a beautiful original very old oil painting was behind it , sold it for 800.00 to an art collector .. hope everyone gets a deal like these.. at least once… good luck to all!!! keep on digging!!!

  4. [...] We received a great response from some obviously seasoned yard “sailers.” Here are some of their best yard sale tales! Don’t miss HGTV’s Endless Yard Sale 2009 this Sunday at 8/7c! Mary: My best yard sale memory was when June Carter … Read more [...]

  5. flozeh says:

    I think of a lot of good yeard seals one was a broken disney Duck and a early Fantasia figure also broken $3.00 for each sold on ebay $104.00 sooo dont pass up all the broken things now. The best one was a three Fruits carvinal glass plate I complained all the way home as I had to pay $9.00 Welll it went for a whopping $300.00 . I give kids things a lot its is a good feeling to see there face light up .

  6. Betty says:

    I wait all year for the Endless Yard Sale show, even planning a trip next year, but this years show was horrible! A true disappointment! I am always so excited to see the creativity with off the wall purchases and the deals everyone gets. This year I didn't see either, they all knew each other and they all had bad taste. Please cast better next year or this will be the end of my endless yard sale…….

    • cdd says:

      I agree Betty. HGTV really made a mess of this 2011 show. Viewers don't tune in to see or listen to HGTV hosts ramble on or watch shoppers compete like they are on a game show. Just simply have someone take a camera around the towns and interview the vendors while the camera scans their tables and tents. We want to see the "stuff" so we can get excited about attending. I was so disappointed after 15 minutes I turned it off. Come on HGTV stop the gimmicks and just show the event. And by the way, you advertised that Sarah Richardson's new show starts Oct 18 on HGTV and I can't find int anywhere on the schedule. What's up? She is the BEST designer anywhere and you have taken her off and filled in reruns of less talented designers. Bring back Sarah!!!!

  7. nellaalex says:

    HGTV programming has turned into one large , long and boring real estate for sale show. I was once a devoted viewer, just could not miss the decorating shows, but now I can barely find them and when I do the shows are nothing but puff pieces to the decorator's ego's ( at least that is the way it seems to me). I used to learn something I could use at home to make my house more comfortable and pleasing now as I said it is nothing but houses for sale. What happened, was the parent company purchased by a real estate firm? When I do tune in I have a hard time finding anything but real estate for sale. I have to hunt for the decorating shows and I don't have the patience or the time to do that anymore. I guess I will just stay with the cooking channel at least I learn some new healthy cooking tips and get to watch Chopped chefs cook some weird thing in 20 minutes. Or I can go to the history Channel or PBS and have more entertaining watching than I do watching people buy houses on HGTV. I miss the really good decorating shows, Debbie and Joan and their shows that really gave you ideas and practical suggestions and the results didn't cost so much. David's stuff all looks the same and his colors and his paintings all have the same look and he really seems to love himself a lot. And the couple with all the children who's last name escapes me have really wild taste, that kind of decorating is hard to live with in the long run, cute for a summer home but hard to live with year round. I think I have outgrown HGTV,

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