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LoriDennisThis week we’re kicking off Designer Dish, a new series here on Design Happens that lets us get to know some of our favorite designers a little better.  Our inaugural designer is Lori Dennis, Founder and Principal Designer of Dennis Design Group.  You can see Lori’s work over at Desingers’ Portfolio as well as on her own website.

Where do you work and live? Los Angeles
Describe your design style. Rustic Modern
When did you know you wanted to be a designer? When I was four. A set of colorful Popeye sheets opened my eyes to the power of color and bold graphics.
Favorite websites? Inhabitat, Drudge Report, Ameritrade
What design dilemma do you find yourself solving over and over again? How to fit everything into a budget.
What’s in your playlist when you’re sketching/brainstorming a design? I like it quiet or relaxation/meditation music so I can focus on my thoughts and design.
What trend do you hope to never see again and why? Southwestern Design from the 80s- beige, pastels and fake cacti look silly in East Coast homes.
Favorite TV shows? Anything on CNBC, Top Chef, Project Runway
What’s your home “secret shame”? I am a control freak when it comes to my home environment and I don’t have a lot of  space. Everything is organized, tidy and clutter free.
What would be your one desert island book? A LARGE dictionary, like Webster’s Unabridged.  With all those words, I could write my own book.


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  1. DesignFreak says:

    What a great idea! I love this. It's fun to see designers as "real people." Now, I want to go find a vintage Popeye pattern :)

  2. carmen says:

    I use to love hgtv, it helped me so much for so many years with designing and doing small projects around the house. I hate it now its the same thing day and night, house hunters all day long, we want to see Candice designs and all other shows that really helped the viewers not house hunters all day long

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