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The sweetspire is golden, the sourwood and sumac are coloring up, and the asters, anemones and helianthus are in full bloom. Yet my yard still has a long way to go before I’d call it satisfyingly fall-exuberant. Before I plant some new arrivals that promise an even more colorful autumn next year, I’ll have fun scrolling through other gardeners’ outdoor spaces for ideas.

The perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs that Mr. McGregor’s Daughter has in her garden include plants I’ve not appreciated enough for their fall color — the burgundy leaves of a ninebark (‘Monlo’), the golden glow of sweetshrub, the berries of false Solomon’s seal.


Plant shopping online and by mail order is pretty much a necessity when you’re looking for unusual plants or certain cultivars, but when it comes to fall color, buying locally offers an advantage: Stroll the aisles at your local nursery and you’ll be able to see which perennials, trees and shrubs develop the hue you want.

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3 Responses

  1. herbs says:

    Amazing photo! I like this one. Thanks for sharing such nice snap here. I love to eat the berries. It remind me of my Vacation where we have eat lots of berries.

  2. home decor guy says:

    Nice photo. Yes fall colors have there own charms

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  3. @GartenGrl says:

    I use a lot of ninebark in my garden design…I also really like smoke bush…but why do they call in diablo nine bark I wonder???

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