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They’re pretty spuds, but they’re not for the table. Garden blogger Kylee, at Our Little Acre, has dug up the tubers of her ‘Margarita’ sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas ‘Margarita’), hoping to repeat her past success at holding them over until spring. It’s a smart idea. We gardeners love to keep things going whenever we can, so we overwinter tender plants, nurture cuttings, propagate “pups,” divide and repot. For one thing, it saves money; for another, we get to develop long-term relationships with the plants we love.


There could be too much plant love at our house (not!): we are cheek to jowl with winter holdovers (100+ tender plants in the garage for safekeeping, spring bulbs waiting for non-mucky soil, other bulbs meant for forcing, seeds in various stages, some volunteer impatiens that I intend to pot up for indoors, etc.). Then the beekeeping supplies, including the pine needles that need to stay dry so we’ll always have something for smoking. The other day I was aghast to find I’d left some seeds near a heating vent. Clutter is a bad word in decorating, but what’s a plant-lover to do? I’ll spend this weekend straightening up. How do you manage your wintertime gardening bounty? Post your ideas on our message boards.


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