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Behind the Magic: Disney Holidays

Disney artwork/properties: ©Disney

After the turkey gets put away, it’s time to jump into the shopping and decorating fray. But somewhere between feeling just plain busy and over-the-top overwhelmed, imagine having to put up 8.5 million lights and 15 miles of garland. That’s what the Disney folks are doing this year. For me, watching Behind the Magic: Disney Holidays (Sunday, Nov. 29, 8/7c) will get me into the spirit & and put my Christmas to-do list into perspective.


HGTV On-Air, Holidays

2 Responses

  1. home decor guy says:

    should be a interesting watch.

    home decor guy

  2. Amber says:

    will this air again?? We missed it and my kids would LOVE to see it!

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