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Angelo chair_Davis-coffee

Photos by IMKstudio.com.

Yesterday, we took a look at two of Angelo’s most popular pieces in his new furniture line — the Hepburn and Grant chairs. Modern throwbacks that make you want to pour a glass of wine, take off your shoes and sit a spell. Sometimes, however, armchairs are not an option.If you’re looking for seating that demands less square footage but offers plenty of Angelo style, check out the Davis chair. Then, enter to win the angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway, and one of these beauties (in sunflower yellow or gunslinger coffee) could be yours.

Keep reading to learn more about the Davis chair from Angelo Surmelis and angelo:HOME.

Leather and polyester fiber mix to create a supple, durable and breathable cover. “Details are always important,” says Angelo. “Some nail heads in furniture are attached in a strip and tend to look a bit ‘produced.’ The ones on my Davis chair are individual and I think it makes a little bit of a difference. It’s not a huge thing and, most people probably won’t even notice … but, it is the kind of detail that fuels this line for me — along with my ultimate ‘geek love’ of design.”
Davis_yellow-side “Look at that profile. Wait till you sit in it. It’s roomy and substantial, yet not bulky. That was a bit of a tall order, but I think we nailed the feel and the color… well, I love yellow! The right shade of yellow… not always an easy find,” says Angelo. “I think the Davis chair is the perfect sleek and modern place to land and in this inviting color it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”Davis_yellow-fabric

Now is the time to get serious. Have you started solving clues for the angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway? Get in the spirit with Angelo in Clue #1, and trim the tree Design Star-style in Clue #2.

Chop chop!


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3 Responses

  1. @los23 says:

    Another winner!!! Great lines/detail!!!

  2. Cynthia Barrett says:

    This chair is classic. The sleek lines and armless. I am glad to see this design coming back. I really like the Hollywood people you refer to. They were people the public admired and always knew they would be stylish and understated, just like this chair.

  3. I love the brown leather, sleek lines, with classic looks and color. Beautiful and will always be in style! A wonderful piece that can be kept forever and then passed down.

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