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There’s quite a colorful debate cooking on the HGTV facebook page today: “White holiday lights versus colored holiday lights: Which are superior?”

Christmas in Chicago color

You inspired us to dig into Rate My Space and the many merry pictures uploaded from homes across the country. How delightful to find RMS user joebucs32′s Christmas pictures from Chicago. Seems like he decorates in both colored and white lights. The colored-light picture, above, is from this year. And the festive white-light decor, below, is last year’s decor. Same room, two lighting choices. Both beautiful.

Christmas in Chicago white

Rhode Island Rate My Spacer apicozzi decked a lofty tree in white lights, a perfect accompaniment to the room’s crystal-draped chandelier.

Christmas in Rhode Island

As for outdoor decor, RMS user kdavis001 in Virginia opts to light up the night with white.  Alongside classic wreaths, a lovely display.

christmas in Virginia clear

Christmas in the South (at least at Buckhorn Lodge) calls for white lights paired with jewel tone ornaments, a trendy alternative that mixes both crisp white lighting with bright pops of color. We love this look, staygeorgia.

buckhorn lodge clear and colored ornaments

And I had to include a truly colorful Rate My Space find, although lights aren’t the stars of this Dr. Seuss-inspired decor by cozypep.  HGTV hears a Who?!


If you’re debating colored vs. white lights or just to see some jolly examples of both, check out the Holiday section of HGTV.com’s Rate My Space. But first, tell us: white lights or multi-colored lights? Which do you like best?

39 Responses

  1. amanda says:

    I only do white they are classic and beautiful. My husband and kids love color and try to get their way but I will not give in. If I give up white lights my husband can give up egg nog and the kids can give up the mountain of presents they like so much. Like that would ever happen my whole family has their own holiday expectations.

  2. Florida says:

    He descubierto que mi esposo llama a las líneas eróticas cuando no estoy, lo hemos
    hablado y me dice que solo lo hace x diversión que jamás me fue infiel.

  3. Myron Scipio says:

    Glad to be one of several visitants on this awing internet website : D.

  4. Val says:

    I suppose I am not familiar enough with trailer parks to have that image come to mind. I think of years gone by in the warm glow of the large, multicolored bulbs on my grandparents tree. They lived in the country near their small, white, country church, which had those same lights on the evergreens outside and the Christmas tree inside.

  5. Amber Vasami says:

    I remember when my aunt did that. It was so beautiful. The twinkling white lights made the tree appear to sparkle or have little stars twinkling throughout it. If I had the appropriate light strings to do something like that myself, I would. I did do a mix of clear and colored lights this year by taking the colored bulbs out of a colored set that had quit working and put them in every other socket of a pair of white light strings. Those strings were put onto my new slim 6ft. tree, and it looks quite nice.

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