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Antonio Ballatore, Design Star

Antonio Ballatore, Design Star

HGTV Design Star 4 winner Antonio Ballatore has a new show — The Antonio Treatment — that you’ll be able to sneak-peek at 1/12c on New Year’s Day.

Our New York interns, Sarah Garza, Katherine Whelan and Eliza Grosovsky, got an early look at the show and got to interview Antonio. Lucky gals! Here’s the rundown:

The one-hour show is packed with the cool vibe that Antonio is known for. Now joined by his dog, Chewie, and a team of guys just as crazy as he is, Antonio is even more fun to watch and — oh yeah — his designs rock, too!

And now for the interview….

10 Questions With Antonio Ballatore

1. What instance in your life plays the biggest role in your design aesthetic? I think my whole childhood influenced my design aesthetic. When I was a kid, I used to rearrange my rock posters and furniture once a month. Both my mother and father were artists, we had 3 art studios and a house filled with crazy antiques, art and artifacts. Growing up in such an artistic house, from day 1 I was taught to color outside the lines, not be afraid to be different and to take chances with art.

2. Who is the coolest person you’ve ever designed a room for? David LaChapelle/Hotel LaChapelle

Red bedroom by Antonio Ballatore

Red bedroom by Antonio Ballatore

3. When did you realize you wanted to be a designer? I don’t really think of myself as a designer but as a creator of cool things, whether it’s cars, spaces, music or art.

4. What was your first design job? I think it was helping out my dad when I was 10, doing a Macy’s Christmas window display in NYC.

5. What is your favorite show on HGTV? House Hunters International, Divine Design and Holmes on Homes.

6. What is your favorite website? I Want Your Skull, Axes Of Heavy Metal, Cicciolina

7. Who do you think has the biggest influence on design trends in America? I really don’t follow trends, so I can’t exactly speak to who influences them. I hope this isn’t just a trend, but I do love anything green, sustainable and recycled.

8. What is the one piece of furniture you would die for?

9. What is the one thing EVERY living room should have?

10. If you could choose one person (dead or alive) to design one room for, who would that person be and what would that room look like? A KISS stage show in 1978.

143 Responses

  1. Idit Biton says:

    I'm from Israel and I watch Antonio project show. I LOVE it! I think he is an artist more than a designer. He understands what his clients are looking for yet not compromising his art. He is different and his show is unique, inspiring and open minded. I wish we would be able to see more original work like Antonio is manage to generate again and again.

  2. CKJ says:

    Just watched him ruin a bedroom with seafoam and purple stripes…..cork with metallic copper behind it!!!WHAAAAAAAATTTT?????? The entire design was TERRIBLE! Colors were TERRIBLE! The lighting behind the bed looked like 1980's fencing/light….YUCK! I have watched almost all of his shows and I keep hoping there will be some redeeming design involved; but NO, not yet. I think the show has been cancelled and that is a good thing as it is just bad design idea after bad design idea. I am sure there is a small niche market for this kind of decorating, but not enough interest for a television show. I always change the channel now, when his show comes on. Antonio needs to go back to decorating his buddies garages.

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