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A couple of my coworkers and I were previewing a photo gallery of romantic rooms for Valentine’s Day and when we hit this kitchen we all leaned in and went, “Oooh!” Then we looked at each other and laughed because this Dave Stimmel space isn’t anywhere near our personal styles, but it was so beautifully designed, so bold and of-a-piece that it struck us as beautiful.


Now I’m noticing bold kitchens everywhere.

design-happens--riehl-green-kitchen_s4x3This kitchen by Shelly Riehl David is done in my favorite green. A little too froofy for me but still striking, especially that creamy scrolled cabinetry.

design-happens-raney_kitchen3OMG, every time I see this kitchen, I giggle. Red antler chandeliers! Crazy! Brilliant! (Design by Don Raney and Jaymes Richardson)

design-happens-milesreddKitchenThis kitchen makes me go “guh.” From the glass-topped black cabinets, to the gleaming silver service, to the city view. I can haz now? (Design by Miles Redd)

design-happens-meyer-blue-kitchen-stove_s4x3Totally bright, totally now. Love the all-business stove against the sleek, hot-blue cabinets. (Design by Alia Meyer)

design-happens-meyer-blue-kitchen-pendants_s4x3More of that kitchen. Can’t get enough of those chandeliers.

design-happens-Charalambous-Andreas-Red-KitchenSimply beautiful. Could I live in it? Probably not. But I sure do love to look at it. (Design by Andreas Charalambous)

design-happens-bauer_avis3Love the out-of-the-box thinking that designer Lou Ann Bauer put into this. Curvy handles? Check. Multi-colored cabinets? Check. Fairy-tale banister? Check.

design-happens-bauer_avis4And here’s a close-up of that amazing backsplash.


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26 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    I LIKE that pink one and also the green and cream. Some of us grew up with 60's pared down, sleek and it's just as cold looking now as then, but…… to each his own and I know it's "in". Thanks for showing us something romantic and froo froo for those of us who like that stuff too.

  2. Jan says:

    Wow! These are all fabulous kitchens. I probably could not live in them either, but I sure do love looking at them. The black kitchen is gorgeous but too formal for my taste; I'm a little more casual than that. I love the painted cabinets; looks like they were painted with auto paint with a clear coat over top. And the multi-colored cabinets are really cool but a little too busy for my taste, however, I really love that backsplash. While my taste is pretty simple, I love to throw in just a touch of something unexpected; a touch of whimsy or something fun and funky-like that red antler chandelier; how fun is that!

  3. PAM says:

    Definitly the cozy creamy cabinets is my kind of kitchin. May I please have one?????? Call me………..YES!

  4. kris says:

    put a dash between the first three numbers and the last four of your phone number.

  5. Mindi says:

    I agree, the last place in a house that should be romantic is a kitchen! Yuck! Now, I'm a country-girl at heart but my favorite was the black city kitchen. It is soo classy! I love black and the accents are gorgeous. An island could be added to add work space. A matching chandelier over the island (matching the other 2 lamps) would finish it off. Of course, the island would need to be the same materials as the counters. None of the others 'work' for me but the colorful kitchen is cute… whimsical. And if you'll notice, the designer put in minimal accessories knowing there was already enough going on in all the other areas. That's a great space if you've got kids!

  6. Stephanie says:

    those aren't just bold, they're also bad.

  7. ASM INTL says:

    nice ideas for home interiors and gifts

  8. lori says:

    As I scrolled down to view these kitchens I hoped that I would love one of them, but honestly most of them were pretty bad. The only one that I liked even a little was the black kitchen. They all looked like the designers were trying too hard to be unique. The outcome was that they were so over the top that they don't appeal to the masses. I have a pretty good eye for design and I think I could challenge any of these designers.

  9. Michelle says:

    could you imagine keeping the black one clean? Every spot would drive me nuts!

  10. j gilbert says:

    two words to these designers…..YOU'RE FIRED!!!!

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