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Saffron_Marigold_Table_RunnerWe’re happy to announce that Freebie Fridays are back!  For anyone who missed our last round of Freebies, each week we’ll post a question here on Design Happens on Friday.  You have until 12 Noon ET on Monday to comment on this post with a valid email address and you’re entered for that week’s giveaway.  It’s that simple!

We’ve partnered with Saffron Marigold to kick off this new round of Freebie Fridays.  They describe themselves as “cozy boutique, home to an exquisite collection of exotic, unique, designer handcrafted, India inspired bedding and linens.”  Their commitment to fair trade and use of eco-friendly products really impressed us here at Design Happens.  Saffron Marigold is offering this week’s winner their choice of any table runner featured on their site.

This week we want to know – What’s normally on your dining table when you’re NOT expecting company? Is it always neat and tidy with a bowl of fruit and some candlesticks? Or are you like me and its normally covered in the last week’s worth of mail and maybe a cat or two?

Answer before 12 Noon ET on Monday.  Click here for the Official Rules



351 Responses

  1. peggy strickland says:

    peggy strickland just moved in home tables clean with chicken cookie jar on it .need help with decor.new house everything different.help

  2. ejmmiller says:

    I'm stuck-in-a-rut with a table runner, candle sticks and flower arrangement. Also on display is a puzzle we got over Christmas and can't seem to bring ourselves to put away.

  3. Susan says:

    I can't help it; I like my table to be neat, with just the napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers. Ok, that, and my British Lit book where I was studying!

  4. Denise T. says:

    Almost always a small pile of bills and my purse.

  5. Piper says:

    A simple tablecloth, a simple bowl with twig balls filling it, and two candles in hurricanes.

  6. acarnagey says:

    Are you kidding! My table is the worst. I pile everything there. I am in the process of refacing my cabinets so I have food, must have dishes, not to mention the mail that piles up there. Oh, and lets not forget whatever the kids have added to the pile.

  7. Karen says:

    Our dining Room table is used to collect mail, and only has a natural wooden bowl sitting in the middle of a table runner. It is well kept and I dust it often.

  8. mary says:

    my dineing room table is in the kitchen, and the pub table from the kitchen is in the dineing room which is actually a sunroom I use as a dineing room. My dineing table is w/out it's inserts to fit, and is covered w/ a thick red velvet tablecloth a basket of fruit a box of colored pencils neat in the corner w/ a coloring book.

  9. Katie says:

    Hmmm….I have about 30 magazines (Better Home & Garden, Elle Decor, etc…), 2 ceramic Buddhas, my purse, mail, and a candle. I'm in the process of decorating my house…so everything is everywhere.

  10. Jenny says:

    Covered with my toddler's left over Cherrios and Sunday's paper.

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