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Saffron_Marigold_Table_RunnerWe’re happy to announce that Freebie Fridays are back!  For anyone who missed our last round of Freebies, each week we’ll post a question here on Design Happens on Friday.  You have until 12 Noon ET on Monday to comment on this post with a valid email address and you’re entered for that week’s giveaway.  It’s that simple!

We’ve partnered with Saffron Marigold to kick off this new round of Freebie Fridays.  They describe themselves as “cozy boutique, home to an exquisite collection of exotic, unique, designer handcrafted, India inspired bedding and linens.”  Their commitment to fair trade and use of eco-friendly products really impressed us here at Design Happens.  Saffron Marigold is offering this week’s winner their choice of any table runner featured on their site.

This week we want to know – What’s normally on your dining table when you’re NOT expecting company? Is it always neat and tidy with a bowl of fruit and some candlesticks? Or are you like me and its normally covered in the last week’s worth of mail and maybe a cat or two?

Answer before 12 Noon ET on Monday.  Click here for the Official Rules



351 Responses

  1. Julie Brown says:

    It has a arrangement on it but its all off to the side and couple of my 3 yr olds coloring books

  2. theresa agee says:

    My table generally stays pretty tidy with a small centerpiece of some type. Currently there is a set of 3 candlesticks of varying height, but there is always junk hanging from the chairs. Right now there is my purse, a diaper bag and a winter coat.

  3. Maureen Hendrickson says:

    My dining room table seems to be one of the worst catchall places in the house. Right now there is a decorative ceramic vase that I have wanted to turn into a lamp base for years. I dug it out over the holidays and put it out so I would finally finish it. However, there it still sits. There is also a stack of recipes cards and newspaper clippings as well as a box of grits that has yet been put away. Oh…and there is actually a very nice bowl with a few apples and oranges.

  4. Janey says:

    My table has a handmade vase with small cattail-like stems. I learned long ago not to let ANYTHING other than a few decorative pieces sit on the table when not being used for dining. If something is placed on the table because we don't know what to do with it at the moment, it means that we have an organization problem. So, now, mail , paperwork, umbrellas, keys, etc. have designated places. If someone does leave something there, it goes to the offender's room by the end of the day. I love my dining room now. It's a great place to write, visit with friends, and, of course, eat.

  5. Emily Flanders says:

    I would love this table runner – it would look perfect in our dining room!

  6. karan says:

    it's our laundry table :o ) It's great for folding large items. We drape dry clothes over the chairs immediately to keep them from wrinkling.

  7. cb830 says:

    Right now all the mail from yesterday, books from my son and my paper shredder and papers that need shredding are on the table.

  8. sanders19 says:

    There is an oriental teapot with the matching four teacups and a deck of cards.

  9. khoner says:

    As for the decoration– a large silver bowl with potpourri in it. As for the junk–my children's homework, texbooks and my laptop.

  10. sharronr says:

    If you mean dining room table it is always full of papers to be filed, or things that need a response, and our calendars. we forget everything. If you mean kitchen table is is always clean because I hate moving things to set the table.

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