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design-happens-floral-wallpaper-pleasesir400x319Who says that floral wallpapers have to be dainty and demure? Bold, colorful florals make a statement and cheer up a home during the dreary winter months. What could be better than having a gorgeous, maintenance-free garden on your walls? Check these out:

Fric and Frac’s blog full of exciting and unexpected wallpapers

A budding tree with curious birds and a fruitful garden for your wall from Oh Joy!

Or maybe tall, swaying grasses are more your thing? Pink and purple grass wallpaper from Id-digest.com

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62 Responses

  1. Kara says:

    Just say no . . .

  2. Jeremy says:

    I'm sorry but that is the worst wallpaper I have ever seen! You should try painting the walls a soft nuetral and have an accent wall in a bold color and bring out that color in the accesories and lighting. Love the cabinets though

  3. KatyHA says:

    Not only am I not a fan of wallpaper in general, this particular wallpaper would give me a seizure. No, I'm not kidding…I'm epileptic. It would, in fact, give me a seizure.

  4. Natalie says:

    This could be a great look but to much in the room is competing for attention! Busy wall, busy floor pattern, odd lighting (i get the idea of the pattern on the light but copper? no?) and the harsh dark cabinet and all those knobs. Trendy yes, stylish, hmm…

  5. Janice says:

    Hey, If this is the way you like to express yourself, by all means do so. That's the great thing about decorating YOUR own space its about personal choice. Great in a guest bathroom

  6. remodelbuff says:

    Looks cool, kind of '60s.

  7. ElleRM says:

    I actually think this a great concept that just got a little overdone. The colors in the wallpaper are great and I love the cabinetry and interesting chandelier, but maybe just the wall with the towel racks should have have been papered and the other walls could have painted a green, blue, or even orange. I'd also throw down some mats in front of the sinks. Maybe a greenish bamboo?

  8. dmarindin says:

    OH No! I am having a flashback to my childhood! This is horrible. I still like the foils (I had a beautiful Silver Foil room that had a yellow ribbon running through it…that they can bring back. NOT The large florals, please!

  9. Person says:

    Its kinda of a cute wallpaper its kind of stylish

  10. Person says:

    Well, its sort of nice if you think about it.

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