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Last November, while I was browsing Apartment Therapy, I ran across this post about the Stitch Lab in Austin, TX.


Leslie Bonnell‘s vision of a community craft space wowed me with its retro (and often humorous) interior design, organization of materials and smart layout. It gave me a new appreciation of craft rooms.

Since then, I’ve been collecting pictures of other craft spaces I love. Here are several of my favorites. They’re colorful, feminine or quirky — and often a mix of all three. They’re functional and almost obsessively organized. And they all make me feel like I could walk in, sit down and bring my creative ideas to life.

design-happens-stitch-lab-dress-form600x435More Stitch Lab — I love the plump dress form.

design-happens-rms-cre8ivcan-craft-room400x597Sewing haven by Rate My Spacer cre8ivcan

design-happens-rms-cre8ivcan-craft-room-pencils600x402cre8ivcan stores ribbon in a colander.

design-happens-rachel-hobson-craftspace600x450Rachel Hobson’s awesome space via one of my favorite sites, craftzine.com. Hulk smash!

design-happens-paperdollsforboys-craft-room-closet-door600x431An eye-catching arrangement on a craft room door from paperdollsforboys

design-happens-my-aim-is-true-craftroom400x533Amber, from My Aim is True, shows off another take on aqua and spring green

design-happens-happyzombie-craft-room600x450Happy Zombie’s sewing getaway

design-happens-heather-bailey-craftroom600x428Heather Bailey‘s studio, so different in style from Stitch Lab, but to me, equally inspiring

Got a favorite craft space? I’d love to see it. Upload it at Rate My Space or share your photo stream.



27 Responses

  1. bree says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I can't wait to do this for my mom!

  2. I wish to have my own crafts room too just like any of these. This is really inspiring to see. I'll show this to my partner and hopefully he could improvise for me.

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