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design-happens-kim-myles300x400In honor of Black History Month, we’re honoring some of today’s most inspiring African-American designers. This week we interviewed Kim Myles, former HGTV Design Star winner and Los Angeles designer. Kim hosts Myles of Style on HGTV where she helps ordinary homeowners create spaces they love. Kim dished with us on her inspirations and the most memorable room she’s designed.

Which African-American designers influenced you?
Sheila Bridges stands out for me because of her deft use of strong colors and shapes, as well as her bold personal look.

What’s your favorite design style?
I don’t play favorites! I love mixing different styles and influences — it gives rooms a sense of history. It’s kind of like being at a dinner party: I want to be seated next to the guest who’s got varied interests and experiences to relate versus the person who only talks politics.

What’s the essential home accessory (or piece of furniture) you use in your designs?
Fresh flowers are key. They can be used to compliment or juxtapose any choice you make, and they bring a note of life and grace to the space.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?
It depends on my goal. Relaxation: an island (I can never get enough warm sand and cool water!). If I’m seeking inspiration, Amsterdam. It’s stunningly gorgeous, romantic and full of design eye candy.

Show us a picture of the room you most enjoyed designing and tell us why you love it.

I loved designing a Mexican-inspired living room for the Astorga family. Their story was so full of struggle, hope and inspiration, and they were some of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. It’s a pleasure doing good things for good people, and I loved that I was able to give them something personal as well as beautiful.

design-happens-kim-myles-windows-couch600x400The Astorga family’s living room


Catch Myles of Style Fridays at 4/3c for more of Kim Myles and her modern, personal style.


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39 Responses

  1. Vicky says:

    Kim, Great job!!! I love the color!! I'm looking forward to seeing the show on again in April. We need to see more of you on HGTV!!!

  2. Karyn says:

    I love Kim's creative decorating aesthetic. Can't wait for new episodes of her show. Indeed, her value is more than African American designer but it's nice that she is a role model to other aspiring designers of color.

  3. Janet W says:

    Kim You are One of the BEST designers I have ever seen I have a 14 yr old that wants her room painted black there is lots of light but I could use some ideas we dont have alot of money because I broke my back 6 yrs ago and now it has decided after all this time to bother me again so I have time to think some but would love some input… Im hoping I get better soon so I can do anything to make her happy, I USE TO BE A decorator I tried to return but ended up on disability its been hard but we have made it by, her life has changed drastically so id like to do this for her soon. Im soooo glad you won I miss seeing you as much as you were on I taped all your eposodes.

  4. Valerie says:

    The Astorga family living room and I am going to assume that is their dining area and kitchen is totally a room of warmth. The different hues of woods and the many warm colors makes you just collage with the room. The passion is unbelievable. I feel so relaxed and comfortable when I look at the pic. I would call this room "Soulful Purpose." I have a very small house and I think that I'm going to incorporate the many hues of browns and oranges as you did with a flare of red & black and yellow. I love this!!! I love your work!!! Very inspiring!

  5. Alice Taft says:

    I really miss seeing Kim Myles on HGTV, please bring her show back.

    • Dennis says:

      I was very angry when HGTV firmly but quietly cancelled Kim's show, showing no concern for her many admirers, including the majority of viewers who voted for her as "Design Star". I sent a note of protest to HGTV but received no satisfaction, so I simply stopped watching HGTV.

  6. Sonja T says:

    I love Kim style ,just as love Sheila Bridge ,very soulful , jazzy ,urban, victoria vintage accents when need
    Sonja T

  7. Tom Hough says:

    Hello Kim, I hope you like this, this little girl stole an ex-coastiesxheart..You were Great !!
    Tom Hough EN3 / US Coast Guard-1966 http://mysite.verizon.net/vze12hp0j/id7.html

  8. Eileen says:

    What happened to Kim Myles; why is she no longer on HGTV? Loved her !!!

    • Dennis says:

      Eileen, I believe that Kim was the victim of a petty, hateful campaign to have her removed from the air, a relentless barrage of "Kim Myles should be cancelled" messages placed over the computer after she won the "Design Star" competition. The supporters of the man who came in second were never willing to accept the majority vote. By the way, I no longer watch HGTV but recently learned that the man whom Kim beat for "Design Star" now has a show on HGTV. Hmmmmmmm, interesting…….

  9. Gail Harper says:

    I too miss Kim's show. I saw that HGTV kept changing her time slot, so she probably missed ratings. I would love to see her return.

    • Dennis says:

      Dear Gail, You are very perceptive. When the HGTV authorities decided that they wanted her to go, they deliberately scheduled her show at unusual times of the day and on different days.

  10. xia says:

    I am still hoping HGTV will bring back Kim Myles. I liked her designs and think its awful that she is not at least hosting a design show. I never even see Kim giving design tips! I hate almost all the real estate shows, except Property Brothers. Bring Kim back.

    • Dennis says:

      The only thing that could bring Kim Myles back is a large organized protest by her "fans", just as she was removed by HGTV as a result of a massive hate campaign waged by the suporters of the man she beat for the "Design Star" vote. I sent messages supporting Kim to HGTV myself and got no reply.

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