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MonicaPedersonWrapThis week we have a very special item to give away, straight from HGTV’s Dream Home. When the HGTV Dream Home special first aired in January, the folks over on the Dream Home blog went nuts for the wrap that host Monica Pedersen wore. Our HGTV Super Fan, Gail, called Monica to let her know how much everyone loved her wrap and Monica offered to give it away to one lucky blog reader.

For a chance to win Monica’s wrap, comment on the post with a valid email address before 12/11c, Monday, February 23, with your answer to this week’s question.  For some inspiration, check out the wrap during Monica’s tour of the Dream Home.

Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win HGTV Dream Home 2010, so we want to know: What would you wear to celebrate if you win the HGTV Dream Home? (Keep it clean, people!) Again, you have until 12/11c on Monday to answer. Click here for the official rules.



1,201 Responses

  1. Theresa "TK&quo says:

    How exciting and thank you Monica for giving away your amazing turquoise wrap! Since it's my birthday…no I won't wear THAT suit! I love the black and silver with the turquoise – classic; but I would wear my new favorite combo brown with the turquoise. How funny my current address is 117 (the path)! Good luck to everyone – New Mexico truly is the "Land of Enchantment" and this Dream Home feels very magic full of sunshine and beauty.

  2. Ruth ann says:

    I would be so excited that I would probably have someone else tell me what to wear! But the smile on my face would make up for any imperfections in the wardrobe!

  3. Robin Lieber says:

    I'd wear a custom made "I <3 HGTV" Tee shirt! Under that beautiful blue wrap Monica wore of course!

  4. Sherri says:

    It would have to be turquoise, whatever it turned out to be …. the color of the year 2010 and my favorite for all time! Having that beautiful wrap would certainly set off whatever I'd choose. That is a beautiful part of our country and I would love to have the chance to live there instead of visit as I've done in the past. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  5. Annika says:

    I would wear a New Mexico inspired dress with bright colors like turquoise, burnt orange and red. I would also pair the outfit with my turquoise jewelry from Santa Fe.

  6. Amy says:

    When I win the HGTV Dream House I will wear black leggings and a white tank accented with a chunky silver and turquoise belt, necklace, and bracelets which will look great under the wrap!!

  7. sjl says:

    I would wear the biggest smile and something very comfortable to do back flips in

  8. Lynn Henley says:

    I would wear a nice pair of jeans and a new golf shirt.

  9. MnKMom says:

    If I won, it would be time to go on a shopping spree and find the perfect outfit to wear in the perfect home! Sparkling sandals, capris, a light and bright blouse – and of course, plenty of turquoise jewelry!

  10. Betheelou says:

    If I actually won this sweepstakes…I'd probably be wearing a hostpital gown! I never win anything let alone a great house in a great area or a fantastic turquoise wrap. Come and tell me I won in the hostpital where I'll be recovering from shock!

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