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MonicaPedersonWrapThis week we have a very special item to give away, straight from HGTV’s Dream Home. When the HGTV Dream Home special first aired in January, the folks over on the Dream Home blog went nuts for the wrap that host Monica Pedersen wore. Our HGTV Super Fan, Gail, called Monica to let her know how much everyone loved her wrap and Monica offered to give it away to one lucky blog reader.

For a chance to win Monica’s wrap, comment on the post with a valid email address before 12/11c, Monday, February 23, with your answer to this week’s question.  For some inspiration, check out the wrap during Monica’s tour of the Dream Home.

Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win HGTV Dream Home 2010, so we want to know: What would you wear to celebrate if you win the HGTV Dream Home? (Keep it clean, people!) Again, you have until 12/11c on Monday to answer. Click here for the official rules.



1,201 Responses

  1. HelloChris1 says:

    A pair of cowboy boots, a long denim skirt, colorful top and that fabulous wrap Monica has; it brings out the blue in my eyes.

  2. Jeanneb says:

    If I won the Dream Home I'd be wearing the biggest smile this side of New Mexico!!!

  3. courtney says:

    I am always wearing my colorful tube socks (retro), comfy pajama shorts and comfy tshirt when i'm at home. My luck though I would be in the shower and be running to the door in my robe lol.

  4. Karen says:

    I would wear Hollywood type sunglasses to keep the bright sun and camera lights out of my eyes!
    I want to drink-in every bit of that beautiful dream home and maybe never wake-up from my dream.

  5. Laryssa27 says:

    I love sunrise and sunset colors, especially orange and yellow. I would wear a pretty dress that incorporates those colors!!!!

  6. OK, I just got off of the phone with Maria at "Simply Santa Fe" which is located on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That is where Monica got her beautiful turquoise wrap! Since we all can't win the wrap (or the Dream Home – for that matter) I thought you might like to know where to locate a wrap of your own. The number at "Simply Santa Fe" is (505) 988-3100. May all of our dreams come true!

  7. Kirsten says:

    I would wear colors that are found in the New Mexican sunset – pinks, oranges, purples, blues. And definitely my lavender cowgirl boots! Good for protecting ones ankles against snake bites. During the cold months (yes, it does get cold in NM) I would bundle up by the fire place or the fire pit outside with my fabulous turquoise wrap on . . . :-)

  8. jtru says:

    I would wear my favorite outfit…comfy stretchy jeans and a tunic style t-shirt with cowboy boots. It's my favorite thing to wear around my house, and it would help remind me that somehow, this really was my home now : )

  9. Carol says:

    A pretty blue wrap, of course!

  10. Lynn B says:

    I would be so excited that I'm not sure if I would even pick out something that matched! :)

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