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A few weeks ago, we announced that Heather Armstrong would be joining the HGTV family. Since then, we’ve gotten lots of feedback asking what she’ll be doing around here. While we still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves, starting this week, Heather will post every week on Design Happens. (Yay!)

If you could have her post on any design-related topic, what would it be? What do you want to see HGTV and Heather tackle together?



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  1. Kalake says:

    I'm excited about Heather [I've been entertained by her blog for years and love the photos of Chuck & Coco!] being on HGTV [I love the design & organization shows]!
    It's interesting – the polar opposites of those for the collaboration and those that aren't – c'est la vie, oui?

    Come to people's homes who are in need of decorating & organizing ideas, then go shopping with them to places you've scouted out in their neighborhoods – esp. mom & pop shops, but also Target, IKEA, Daffy's, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael's Arts & Crafts store, Jack's 99¢ Store, etc. (yes, I'm in NYC).

    And if you need any help with other places to scout or with decorating & organizing… ask me! ^ _ ^

  2. kait says:

    I like Candace and her work, but I'd also like to see Heather and Vern, to see how (and I guess if) their design ideas mesh.


  3. LeslieMpls says:

    Just stumbled across this – love, LOVE Heather Armstrong. (And I'm shocked at the angry girl comments on the flower wall in baby room post – seriously, what is wrong with people?!) I have an 8 mo old and need to find clever ways to hide all the CRAP that has taken over our house. My taste aligns with the images Heather has posted from her own home – contemporary pieces – but in a 1926 home with wood trim that I'm afraid to paint because surely the wood-details-in-old-homes-must-be-preserved police will visit me.

  4. Erin says:

    Come help me with my baby nursery! I have twice fallen in love with two different nursery bedding sets, only to have them both discontinued. Now I'm getting to that crazy stage in pregnancy where I think I can suddenly just make something on my own even though I have no idea how to use a sewing machine (I think lots of iron-on hem tape is in my future). Not to mention the crazy hormones that hit, making me love/hate a new color every other day.

  5. Heidi says:

    Having self-admitted OCD does not a designer make. Come on HGTV. You can do better than this. I know you're trying to tap into her huge audience but Heather has no design sense whatsoever. She does everything in beige and tries to throw in something for color. Her projects that she's done for this blog so far have just exemplified her laziness and her cheapness. There are no real projects to speak of. New pillows for her outdoor furniture which she needed anyway. Photos of flowers with pictures of fabric. What's that? How is that helpful for anyone?

    I no longer watch any HGTV family of shows because every time I do I think of how desperate they must be now to hire someone like Heather Armstrong who isn't even a designer and who has no creativity in the area of home decoration. She's a liability.

  6. Fergie says:

    Heather doesn't "link" or give credit to a company or source unless she's getting paid or getting something free.

  7. Deb says:

    I down sized, however my 26 year old daughter still lives at home…she is now in a tiny bedroom with a lot of stuff..wish a HGTV designer could come to my home in Memphis (Heather's home town) and show America how to make the best of a small space! Pleeeaaasssee!

  8. drainage says:

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