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A few weeks ago, we announced that Heather Armstrong would be joining the HGTV family. Since then, we’ve gotten lots of feedback asking what she’ll be doing around here. While we still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves, starting this week, Heather will post every week on Design Happens. (Yay!)

If you could have her post on any design-related topic, what would it be? What do you want to see HGTV and Heather tackle together?



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  1. Jeanette says:

    Storage! When I see pictures of Heather's house, I think….where the heck does she put everything?!

    • Lizz says:

      agreed! My situation: 2 adults + two kids under 2 in a 2-bedroom house, with a home-office shoved in the corner of the bedroom = CRAP EVERYWHERE!! Please, help me figure out how to store it all!

  2. HickoryFurnitureMart says:

    We have over 1,000 different manufactures that are sold at Hickory Furniture Mart, all of varying design, color, and origin. We'd love to see how you integrate different styles and textures into a home to create a unique style. And, being from the heart of furniture country we'd like to see you highlight American made furniture.

  3. AJS721 says:

    I would love to know how to recycle old or obsolete pieces into something beautiful and functional. Barring that, I know Heather is pretty environmentally conscious and would like to hear more about how to properly dispose of old/broken/ non-reusable pieces. ESPECIALLY the left over electronics that I imagine Jon has all over.

  4. Lisa says:

    Ditto on the home office, would love to see how she'd take craziness to simple beauty. I just started working fr home fulltime. I'm a designer working in a world of taupe. Help!

  5. Erin says:

    Love Heather + dooce! I guess I would love to see Heather use design to be functional yet still stylish. Obviously with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a husband made of cords, she has probalby tackled this (or is in the process). I don't have kids, just 1 dog and a cord free husband, BUT I do work out of my home and share an office space with my husband so its hard to find the balance to make the room "look cool" while I have a computer, 3 printers, papers everywhere, etc…Can't wait to watch whatever you do!
    PS – Or you could always just do a totally reality show, I'm thinking Jersey Shore meets Design on a dime….you in?

  6. @archimatta says:

    What I've always loved about Heather's aesthetic is her color choice. I don't care if the explanation is something like, "it was the easiest way to hide the barf," I'd enjoy a post or a whole series on color: what she still likes from her childhood, what she hates, color combinations so bad they required photos for posterity, and colors she hasn't found a place for yet. Go wild. Congrats, Heather and HGTV! YAY!

  7. nikki says:

    I also cast a vote for designing a home office. I work from home so it is a great opportunity to really display your own personality and not be trapped by beige cube walls. In addition, what to do when you don't have a pantry nor really any space to create one (and it is a rental home). Help!

  8. Holly says:

    I would love budget-friendly solutions for real people that don't look cheap! I love Candice Olsen style too but I can't afford custom upholstery and woodwork – so what's a girl to do? Practical solutions for people with young kids would be great too. Like how to make it look like you don't live in a house overtaken by two pink princesses…

  9. amy says:

    I would like to hear about how to choose color schemes and how certain colors will make a room feel based on size, how much light the room's getting, what the room's purpose is, all that kind of thing.

  10. jen }i{ says:

    I have three kids and seriously need some ideas on toy AND school paper storage/containment. How is her house so spotless? Is it all behind the camera??

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