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A few weeks ago, we announced that Heather Armstrong would be joining the HGTV family. Since then, we’ve gotten lots of feedback asking what she’ll be doing around here. While we still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves, starting this week, Heather will post every week on Design Happens. (Yay!)

If you could have her post on any design-related topic, what would it be? What do you want to see HGTV and Heather tackle together?



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  1. Jessi says:

    I have seen a few posts of heather buying handmade/vintage goods online. I think that could be an interesting addition to HGTV. There is a huge handmade world out there with some really creative designers.

  2. Joanna says:

    Heather always showcases little knickknacks that she loves, but where does all this stuff live in her house? I barely have any room to display stuff like that. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Shannon/jodfoster says:

    How she makes her "zen" in the home. Bedroom, office, kitchen, etc.

  4. Meghan says:

    What I enjoy most about seeing Heather's home is her portrayal of a balance between modern + functional + warm.

    What I dislike most about "modern" furniture/design is that it doesn't feel functional or warm to me.

    What I dislike most about "warm/cozy" furniture/design is that it doesn't feel clean/modern or functional to me.

    What I dislike about "functional" furniture/design is that it doesn't feel clean or cozy!

    I want to know how Heather balances all three! =)

    And, I'll echo everyone else — where do you put all your STUFF?? I have so much STUFF! And, I'm not plagued by any sort of cleaning frenzy usually – I just try and go about my day, and if I clean my house, I clean my house. I honestly don't put that much thought into it. How do you do it, besides going on a cleaning bender every day? (No offense meant, Heather – you have just described yourself in the past as being insistent that the floors are clean and everything is clean. I don't have that mentality 24/7.)

  5. Shannon C. says:

    Lord almighty, please help us with the cables. I too live with a mac nerd: why is the future so cluttered?

  6. Carter says:

    "How to decorate with kids and not be overtaken by clutter and plastic madness" would be a magical segment. I have a 16 month old little girl and am struggling to find the balance between keeping my style and not having it dismantled/broken/over-run by doll babies, ride-on toys and other baby things. Thanks!

  7. Amanda says:

    I want to know how Heather, with all of the other things she has going on, manages to keep her house so clean. (besides the tiny OCD) I have a two year old, a husband, and several pets and it seems that I can never get ahead of the mess!

  8. Jen Haire says:

    I live in a 70 year old cape cod on the east coast…..I know that Heathers home is also older. Not only do I have the age of the house to deal with it is SUPER small. I am at a total loss on how to decorate and create spaces that will function for my lively family of 4!!! I know heather is also and huge fan of the outdoors and relaxing on her deck…some ideas on how to personalize my outdoor space would be great!! LOVE DOOCE AND SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT IS NEXT!!!! Smart thinking HGTV

  9. April says:

    Ditto about unique finds. I have read dooce since early 2004 and I have always loved the unique items she displays on the website.

  10. @bethmann15 says:

    I'm with @bookishpenguin up there – would love to know how she keeps the clutter at bay with 2 kids, two dogs, and a husband trailing wires everywhere?! So excited for Heather, huge fan of she and HGTV!!

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