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CakeVintageIt’s the last Friday of the month – time for another Freebie! Post a comment with a valid email address before 12/11c, Monday, March 1 (Can you believe it’s March already?) to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’s Freebie comes from friends right down the road in Nashville, TN.  After running the online boutique, Knobstoppers, for a few years, Robbie and Angie decided they need to expand beyond vintage bottle-stoppers and include a wider range of items – enter Cake Vintage. They’ve taken the retro style of Knobstoppers and applied it to the whole house, with charming place mats, an eclectic silverware collection and custom lighting fixtures made from salvaged silverware and door plates.

Up this week is a pack of items from their Kitchen & Home collection: two notepad sets (their Cake set, which includes a vintage butter knife, and their Kitchen Notes with a vintage spoon). On top of that, you’ll get both of their paper place mat pads, perfect for spring teas or casual suppers.


This week we want to know: Where do you typically eat dinner? Not those more formal nights when you have friends over and break out the good china, but your average Tuesday night. Does your family sit down at the table and eat together, or are you on the couch in front of the TV?  You have until 12/11c on Monday to answer.  Click here for the official rules.



308 Responses

  1. Marcy Apple says:

    I prefer eating at the dining room table. But lately our table has been filled with the paper work for the new house we are building so these days it is in front of the TV watching American Idol. If there is nothing on TV then I will clear the table of all the paperwork so we can enjoy a relaxing dinner at the table.

  2. SnowChic says:

    Tueday evening is our Pizza Night. We order Pepperoni and The Works. Our family sits around our vintage round oak table and chows down our favorite pizza with Italian tossed salad. This is our favorite time together as a family sitting every evening at the old oak table.

  3. angie says:

    Tuesday-not a eventful day in my social schedule. Like the other days in the week. If I'm running late in my car, if I'm early on my chair in the living room. but I do break out the real plates and silverware…no paper or plastic for me. The Cake items are really cute too!

  4. Rhonda Willis says:

    We eat our dinner In front of the television in bed with two food trays.

  5. I eat at the table with my two children (both under two!) so its always a fun experience just trying to feed them and shovel a few bites of whatever is fast and easy to eat into my mouth!

  6. Joann says:

    Dining room table which is in the one main room of the house. If my other half is gone it's on the couch with the dog waiting for oops!

  7. Cathy Holder says:

    We have an open kitchen/dining/living room area and always eat at the dining table. No matter where we have lived, how the home was laid out, or the ages of our children, we have always enjoyed gathering around the table!

  8. shell says:

    My family tends to eat dinner together, ranging anyway from 3-9 pm

  9. Anne Jones says:

    We eat at the kitchen table on a typical school night- sometimes all 5 of us together- but our little guy maybe at a playdate, our teen might be napping after school- or sometimes hubby and kids have eaten when I get home from work- it just depends. We always eat at the table- never on our laps or in front of the TV- but hardly ever at the dining room table- which we use when having Sunday roast or entertaining.

  10. butkus says:

    We always eat in the kitchen at our table. It was always important to me to eat as a family. My sons have moved out on their own now, but they know where to find us at dinner time : )

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