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We’re winding up our look at top designers for Black History Month with design-happens-will-smith300x208Season 2 HGTV Design Star contestant, Will Smith. Smith, an Associate Member of the Interior Design Society, has seen his business boom since appearing on Design Star. His Charlotte, NC, design firm, Interior Motives, is a full-service firm that strives to help clients find their personal style. Read on to see what Will has to say about his favorite projects and personal style.

Which African-American designers influenced you?
Preston Bailey – I love the over-the-top look that he creates for special events.

What’s your favorite design style?
My favorite design style is one that I call “warm contemporary.” It’s a style that pairs modern, clean-lined elements with warm, rich colors and accessories. It takes the cold out of contemporary design. 

What’s the essential home accessory (or piece of furniture) you use in your designs?
One design element that I love to use is mirrors because they can create depth, light and illusion. I also am fond of over-scaled art and accessories.

design-happens-will-smith-bedroom400x266Smith’s “warm contemporary” style
What’s your favorite vacation spot?
My favorite vacation spot would be at my home in Charlotte doing absolutely nothing at all. Ahh, how peaceful…. Next to that, I would say Hawaii. 

Show us a picture of the room you most enjoyed designing and tell us why you love it.
I really enjoyed designing this dry cleaner because it was in an up-and-coming part of town and it had great elements, such as the high windows, beamed ceilings and brick interior walls.  The client also allowed me to be creative and that’s always fun.

design-star-will-smith-orange-dry-cleaners400x266Will’s favorite room — a funky dry cleaner

Find out what else Will’s been up to since HGTV Design Star.


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  1. Anna says:

    Hi Mr. Smith! I am a native North Carolinian(Lenoir), and after days of feng shui researching, I find myself on your website. Lucky me! Congratulations to you and your business! In a brief snippet… We, my husband, daughter and I are truly blessed and excited to be finalizing the final steps of a vacation home in southern Italy(very hot in the summer). The floors are terracotta stone, the kitchen walls are of white stone, the entire home is constructed with the natural stone of southern Italy, and the color choices for the walls are eggshell white, eggshell brown, ochre, cinnamon, and another off color that is definitely out. My husband is Italian and his Feng shui energy is Water, our daughter is Earth, and I am Fire. Which of the aforementioned colors would be ideal for our three energies? Also, as I am African-American, I am very interested in attaining ethnocentric pieces(pillows), mahogany fruit bowls, a beautiful vintage piece of art or portrait(Sojourner Truth). I would sinerely appreciate your feedback. Thank you! Anna

  2. dam jake u jus got pwned. thumbs up if u agree

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