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design-happens-round-up-leg chairs600x325These leggy numbers come from Russian design studio Tsesler & Voichenko.

Sometimes you stumble upon a piece of great design and it blows your mind. The lines are so perfect, the idea is so fresh and although it may clash with your entire house — you’ve just got to have it. That’s how I feel about these gorgeous works of art:

Kenneth Coponbue brings us the “Bloom” chair, a hand-stitched arm chair that doubles as a conversation piece. Don’t be surprised if the bees can’t stay away from your living room.design-happens-round-up-bloom-chair-400x500Via 2 Modern Design Talk

Maybe the “Bloom” chair isn’t organic enough for you? Try out these pieces made of living plants.

design-happens-living-green-furniture465x574Via Curbly

Resist the urge to mop up this “melting” light bulb by Danish designer Pieke Bergmans.


Via Nina’s Apartment

These light fixtures look like they belong in an intergalactic cocktail bar on the Starship Enterprise.

design-happens-round-up-pendant-light-fixtures500x500Via Coco Cozy

French design firm, Les Fournis Bleues, has created the “Cumulus” chandelier which drips crystal raindrops from its recycled aluminum base.

design-happens-round-up-cumulus-chandelier500x333Via Style Estate

Fish bowls go to work as clever bookends which can also be filled with fresh flowers.design-happens-round-up-fishbowl-bookends480x300Via Better Living Through Design

I can’t think of anything I’d rather receive in my mailbox than these “Postcardens” from A Studio for Design. 


Via Better Living Through Design


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17 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    I am in LOVE with those chairs. Where can I buy one? The link to the designer does not have that information. :(

  2. holidaysparkle says:

    I love these colorful "Leggy numbers, they are a silhouette of graceful whimsy and a perfect chair to feel like a lady. A little added color excites a warmth into the room.

  3. Great innovation/design….great sense of humour in the design world…alot like FRED products.

  4. lawgirlnyc says:

    Re: the goldfish book ends – It's mean to have a living animal stuck at the end of a set of books in that tiny vessel. I have a problem with having an animal as a decorative item – Chiwawa's flooding shelters in California because they're no longer 'fashionable' is a recent example of where this leads.

  5. Sandra says:

    Animals as decoration is a no no. They are living beings, not objects! Goldfish need more room than that, they produce more ammonia than most other species, and those bowls go rancid fast. Also, while bettas can live in a small container, they'd rather not. The only reason that is DO-ABLE, and I use that term loosely, is because they come to the surface for air, rather than filtering oxygen from the water through gills. A human can live in a tiny cell too (aka prison) but no one WANTS to live in a cramped environment. I had a betta fish in a ten gal tank and he swam all over the place and really utilized the space. I hate that petstores and society make people think it's ok to treat bettas like prisoners.

  6. Sandra says:

    Also, the betta containers where they eat the roots of the plant and the human doesn't feed it otherwise….

  7. Sallie F says:

    PLEASE……people it's only gold fish….you have warped senses of animal crulty.

    • Spell check police says:

      You can be critical when you learn how to spell – it's "cruelty". It wouldn't hurt to brush up on you grammer either.

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