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Designers and architects are thinking outside of the box when it comes to how we display our books and knick-knacks. Check out these great finds:

Look twice or you might miss these built-in, wall-papered shelves from Moco Loco.

A striking, red bookshelf with a protruding bottom bin brightens up a white wall at archiCentral.

Can a bedside table charge electronics, store books and magazines and still have room for your carafe of water? domestic geek says yes, it can.

automatism drools over Dutch architect Johan Decoker’s savvy use of shelving in an Amsterdam home.



3 Responses

  1. shirlee stoute says:

    About 5 years ago I bought a Dutch Colonial in Windsor, Connecticut because the price was right. My daughter often refers to my house as a barn. I have no front windows upstairs and my walls are slanted and had tons of wall paper. Once I removed the wall paper I discovered why all the wall paper. It was covering up a problem. I noticed what looks like nail heads popping out of the wall (what are those things). I need help. Please give me some ideas that wont cost a fortune. I spoke to a contractor about putting in windows or dormers and he told me I would be looking at thousands of dollars. The other issue is my landscape. Its a large lot but not levied. I have already spent thousands removing about twenty trees which kept the backyard damp and prevented sun from coming in and I also have a large shed which matches the house (barn) with some critters living under the shed. , paving the driveway, installing new garage doors, front storm door, replacing the interior doors that was not closing and I am still working on the bringing in some light into the house and I still need help. Please give me some ideas.

    • Jerry Lynne says:

      Well this won't help the exterior look of your house, but if you have some windows upstairs, you can create interior windows using old window frames with mirror installed in them. By placing them opposite your current windows, they will reflect outside light and can create beautiful, natural, reflective landscapes. Other than windows, you'll need good lighting to warm your rooms. Go to a good lighting store and consider the options, maybe well placed track lighting. Some DIY projects are rather inexpensive.

  2. devon says:

    get yourself a real cheap contractor some fosters beer and fogetaboutit…lol; devon

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