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For the eighth year in a row, Architectural Digest has selected the talented designer who will be creating the green room at the Academy Awards. This year, Roger Thomas has the distinct honor of designing the backstage haven, where all the Oscars nominees and presenters will be hanging out, rehearsing their lines and parading around their new golden men. This rendering is a sneak peek of what the green room will look like tomorrow night.


Thomas, the executive vice president of design for Wynn Design and Development, is inspired by the golden era of cinema and will feature a paint-splattered floor that pays homage to  those danced on by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. French furnishings, Afghan rugs and hand-painted upholstery will complete the look.

Also, don’t miss Architectural Digest’s look at homes of favorite winners and nominees. I particularly love this shot of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.


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12 Responses

  1. christine says:

    I no not like the metal stool and table in the foreground. The yellow rug does not appear to tie in with anything else much.

  2. Mike King says:

    Folks, we love HGTV…however….are you ever going to return to some gardening programming. We aren't remodeling or selling or renting or….. I am assuming that because it is winter just about everywhere, the outdoor shows have been moved to 5am. Thanks for taking the time, Mike King, Council Bluffs, IA>

  3. prohio says:

    Have loved HGTV for years, but there must be more than House Hunters available for Prime Time viewing. What happened to Room by Room, Decorating Cents, Design Challenge, and some of the gardening shows?

    • CSB says:

      I agree 100% – HGTV is good but needs to return to its roots and the shows you just named are much better than all the house hunting that seem to dominate.

    • carol o. says:

      i learned so much from the shows of the past how to actually make or design myself, there is nothing on hgtv now remotly like that at all who cares if rich people buy another vacation home please put your talented people back on tv

  4. Pamela Hancock says:

    I love the new aussie dude that hosts the new outdoor room….. but why does there always seem to be some crisis that happens? Is it because he's not a hands on builder or what? Could we do away with the drama? I think our daily lives have enough drama….. I'd like to see more outdoor designing shows. More pools, pergolas, patios, kitchens, gardens and things that could be done for just a few dollars. And how about a show teaching people how to re-purpose things in their yards. I have done that in my yard and have helped friends do the same. It's fun easy and good for the environment!

    Thanks for all the GREAT looking guys too!……. I love to watch men work…… "It does a girl good."
    P Hancock

  5. C. Youngman says:

    I have to agree with all the comments posted. I would like to see more gardening shows on during prime time. House Hunters or house hunting, of any kind, shown once a week is more than enough. I change the channel when ever House Hunting comes on and I am an avid fan of HGTV and have been since it became available in our area.

  6. wisconsingirl says:

    I agree a 100% with you folks it's about time to watch something else besides house hunters or first time buyers or property virgins or what not. It is march "finally" and we could use some gardening tips or how to improve our backyards in a inexpensive way.

  7. northerncalifornia says:

    I have to agree. I am sick to death of all the real estate shows. I don't want to fix up my house to sell it. More quality shows like Divine Design and along the lines of Kitty Bartholomew's early shows, more of the fun of personalizing our own space, and not the sad copies of another network's Trading Spaces, no more snarky 'critiques' that homeowners are forced to suffer through watching on tape.

    I used to be an avid fan, lately I have to force myself to tune in, knowing it's the 130th replay of House Hunters or Sell this House, and i click off immediately rather than give any kind of ratings hit.

    PLEASE don't become the Real Estate Channel. Get back to your original mission.

  8. Jean l says:

    I totally agree. HGTV stinks. I loved Room by Room and their used to be an older women who had a craft show in the mornings. I'm sick and tired of looking at all the empty rooms of all the same cookie cutter houses. I'm sure we must have them all memorized by now.

  9. is there any way to get rid of it or to stop it from working????.

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