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design-happens-round-up-pink-entryway400x371From The Daily Uptown Country

Polka dots, botany and pink — oh my! See what our favorite bloggers have for us this week.

I read once that single women should decorate with pink while they can, before a man crushes all their pink-colored dreams. So to all the single ladies (or not-so-single ladies who just don’t care), have fun with these frilly, pink designs:

design-happens-pink-walls-quilt460x360From Lovely Clusters

design-happens-hot-pink-room400x482From Tobi Fairley

design-happens-pink-living-room360x460From Elegance Redifined

Polka dots are classic and cheerful. They’re also tres chic in the design world. Check out these unexpected uses of the beloved pattern:

 design-happens-yellow-dot-wallpaper400x400From All The Best

design-happens-dot-kids-sofa400x278From CocoCozy

design-happens-polka-dot-backsplash320x400From Point Click Home

Maybe you don’t have a green thumb? Maybe you can’t even keep a cactus alive? No sweat — incorporating antique botanical prints into your home can make up for your horticultural handicap:

design-happens-botany-kitchen360x460From Cheap Thrills Decorating

design-happens-botanical-prints400x600From Modishblog

design-happens-botanical-dining-room400x200From Bellevivir


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3 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    I see happy in all of these … love the polka dots, all very charming!

  2. Diane says:

    Pink an black. Polka dots? ick Remind me not to use this designer in my home.

  3. Lisa E. says:

    I like the kitchen a lot. Polka dots make me happy, too, but I never think to incorporate them into my home. I mostly just use them for wrapping paper and greeting cards.

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