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design-happens-grandin-road-birdsI’m so glad it’s Friday. If I had a neon TGIF sign, I’d hang it on my cube wall.

This will make you glad it’s Friday, too: You could win a $25 gift certificate from Grandin Road. We love their home decor, especially their spring-inspired goodies like these sweet little birds. Check out this slide show to see more of their chic accessories.

To enter for a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, March 15. Be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

This week we want to know: What’s your favorite thing about spring? The possibility of putting away your winter coat? Seeing the first flowers? Giving the house a good cleaning? You have until 12/11c on Monday to answer. Click here for the official rules.



252 Responses

  1. Amanda D. says:

    I love the sunshine! It is by far the best and most beautiful part of the season! Brightening up the decor in the house, bringing in the fresh flowers, being able to open the windows and feel a breeze without freezing to death! This winter has killed us here in Pittsburgh so I cannot wait to truly be able to say it is Spring outside!

  2. Meri says:

    What I love about Spring is that the Robins migrate through here (St. Petersburg, FL) to go up north, and I feel a touch of my 'old' home (IL) again. I take many photos of them while they are here. Also, it's fun to tell my family and friends up north that the Robins are on the way. (This year my Mom said to tell them to wait, as it was to cold (outside Chicago) yet. ha ha)

  3. jaclyn says:

    Spring in my favorite season! Love to open the windows! Love the smell the slight crisp spring air but be warmed by the sun. And best of all… putting the grill to use!!!

  4. Debbi says:

    My favorite thing about spring is the smell of sunshine in the air. Everything comes alive again, from the furry little creatures to the beautiful, colorful buds on the trees and flowers. It's a time of renewal, regeneration, and invigoration. I love every short second of spring we get to enjoy in the south :)

  5. The first thing I love about Spring is the HGTV Green Home entry period begins! Second, I look forward to the sound of Canadian Geese honking as they fly in their "V" formation. They return to rear their young and remain here until late fall. Third, our daylight returns, and peaks at summer solstice in June. It will remain daylight outside almost 24 hours! Nothing like going fishing at the River in the Midnight sunshine! Alaska is so very beatiful! (I wish HGTV would build a Dream Home here someday!)

  6. Holly C says:

    I'm a photographer, so my favorite thing about spring is definently getting outside and taking family/children etc. portrait's again. Love doing it when everything is budding and looks so fresh and new! :)

  7. elinell says:

    Bike rides and the time change! Yay for no more darkness when I get off work!

  8. Danielle says:

    I love the smells… We live in FL, so there isn't too much cold, but when the smell of the first rain as it comes through- the damp grass, mulch and trees, I can't bring myself to close the windows, even at night. When I can drag my best friend through the garden department and throw a little of this and a bit of that into the car and drive home in a mobile greenhouse I'm on cloud nine. :) It's all the pieces coming together after so much time indoors, it's new and wonderful and alive.

  9. itsdaqueen says:

    My favorite thing about spring is feeling the warmth on my face. I absolutly love everything!Seeing the trees and flowers in bloom. The idea of opening the windows to feel the warm breeze while spring cleaning. Most importantly watching the spring episodes on HGTV.

  10. Denise says:

    I love Spring because the temperature is perfect. I can open the windows to let in fresh air. Birds are singing and life is just springing up everywhere.

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