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design-happens-grandin-road-birdsI’m so glad it’s Friday. If I had a neon TGIF sign, I’d hang it on my cube wall.

This will make you glad it’s Friday, too: You could win a $25 gift certificate from Grandin Road. We love their home decor, especially their spring-inspired goodies like these sweet little birds. Check out this slide show to see more of their chic accessories.

To enter for a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, March 15. Be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

This week we want to know: What’s your favorite thing about spring? The possibility of putting away your winter coat? Seeing the first flowers? Giving the house a good cleaning? You have until 12/11c on Monday to answer. Click here for the official rules.



252 Responses

  1. Crystal says:

    Spring is the "Spring forth" of all the dead things of Winter…A constant reminder of God's Grace and His Mercies being new every morning! Resurrection of all the Hopes, Dreams, Relationships, and Love lost! Spring what a Beautiful Reminder!

  2. korynna says:

    what i love about spring is that i can finally go for a walk without worring if i will slip on the ice.

  3. neanda says:

    My favorite thing about spring is having my doors and windows open and the kids running in and out playing And laughing,The warm sun and playing in the flower bed! Love it :)

  4. Ca_born_Va_transfer says:

    I love the "rebirth" of the world. The colors, the scents, the promise of a more relaxed season. Everyone seems so happy on those first few gloriously sunny days! House/car windows open, new clothes, and you can finally send the kids outside to play!! I live in northern Va and we've had a particularly hard winter (like so many others), and I'm looking forward to spring 10 times more than usual!

  5. mdonhoff says:

    My favorite thing about spring is having a fresh start to my home decore. Maybe New Years is the start to the calendar year, but spring is a time to reorganize your living enviornment, and go out shopping for accessories. It's a lot easy to go out shopping and clean the house when you don't have to move around in an ugly winter sweater!

  6. As soon as its warm I find myself outside cleaning, spraying off dirt from sidewalks, arrainging pots with petunias and pansies in hanging baskets and putting out yard decorations. Seeing the tulips pop through the soil. And getting easter preparations done. Hopefully my house is already clean when I get to this point.

  7. Amy says:

    I live near a college campus, I love how alive the streets become when Spring begins. There are people everywhere, shouting and laughing. Love the feeling of community that Spring brings!

  8. Beth in Connecticut says:

    My favorite thing about spring is being able to be outside in the sunshine with the kids after a long winter. We live in New England so looking for signs of Spring is exciting at our house. We love watching for the first flowers to come up and the first buds on the trees. The feel of the sunshine is amazing on our faces.

  9. Beth West says:

    When the tulip trees and daffodils start to bloom I know that spring is on the way!

  10. Sherry says:

    I'd love to hear ideas on how to handle acoustic tile ceilings – the kind that is attached directly to the ceiling. Does anyone know is this subject has been addressed on an HGTV show?

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