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Sometimes, the design world can be a little out there. While designers can strike out when they think too far outside of the box, they can also create something beautiful and memorable. This week’s Round-Up features ideas that lie somewhere in the middle.


From Shelterrific

I needed a doubletake on these images from A Refocused Life. Would you contemplate putting staircases like these into your home?


From A Refocused Life


design-happens-trunk stairs496x371

From A Refocused Life



From A Refocused Life

I can’t explan it, but the moustache has become the muse of many home accessories. What’s next —  tupee-themed furniture, fu man chu wallpaper?


From Apartment Therapy



From Pocket Lint



From Audrey Q

And here’s the King of the ‘stache, Burt Reynolds:


From Totally Dublin

Last week, I blogged about the conundrum I’m having. I can’t decide if I like ultra-masculine design or ultra-feminine design. After seeing this image, it looks like the masculine won out (this week, anyway):


From Apartment Therapy

I just had to share this adorable ceramic planter. Artist J. Mendicino has a whole collection of animal-themed vessels. This one is modeled after a hamster:


From Re-Nest


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3 Responses

  1. home decory guy says:

    great information for cheap home decor

  2. Aimee says:

    Love the hamster vase! The bookcases give me an immediate headache, though.

  3. maria garcia says:

    Maravillosa la escalera con las estanterias con libros. Una Gran Idea

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