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Ever run out of ideas for a collection display or get stuck in a themed nightmare (ie- my Pocahontas-themed room circa 1995)? Read on for some realistic remedies:
design-happens-record-frames540x405From Apartment Therapy

I’ve inherited a collection of albums from my parents that is currently sitting in a stack in the corner of my bedroom. This is no way to treat Led Zeppelin III and Rubber Soul. I simply couldn’t find a cool way to display them. Then I stumbled upon these rockin’ frames:

design-happens-album-collection420x420From Design is Mine

Some people really like Disney and want to decorate their homes in all things Sleeping Beauty and Winnie-the-Pooh. Options exist for the more subdued Disney fans:

design-happens-disney-office500x375Classic Disney fans will appreciate this office furniture, modeled after Walt Disney’s personal office, by Drexel Heritage. Image from Frederator.

design-happens-disney-outdoor-furniture500x330The Disney Signature collection by Veneman is the magical company’s first foray into outdoor furniture. Image from Pricy-Spicy.



York Wallcoverings has unveiled an upscale line inspired by the classic Disney film, Fantasia. Image from Shelterpop.


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