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When my husband and I moved back to Utah from California several years ago, we knew we’d be making several sacrifices in terms of lifestyle, the biggest one being the fact that winters here seem to start at the beginning of October. And then end… never. Two days ago, this is what our deck looked like. Remember: It’s the middle of April.


A few years ago we bought a cheap set of outdoor furniture that deteriorated rather quickly when we forgot to protect it from conditions like the one in the photo above. The structure of the chairs survived, barely, but the cushions ended up resembling a pile of discarded gum wrappers. To save money we kept the chairs and commissioned a new set of cushions. Except, I fell in love with a really expensive fabric. Let’s just say that we cut WAY back on other expenses that month. Like food for our children.


I cannot wait to break out the deck furniture this year when the weather finally starts cooperating. In August, perhaps. Normally, we position two chairs with these cushions on opposite sides of a small table, and that’s the extent of it. It’s a cozy place to sip a cocktail on warm summer evenings, but I’d like to expand the decor a bit this year and turn it into an actual outdoor room. One where I can escape into silence after a day of wrangling two children and reading comments on the Internet about how I have no taste.


One of the reasons I love the fabric on the cushions so much is that it shimmers in two metallic colors: silver and gold. I want to pick up on the silver with the accessories since the gold is so dominant, starting with a silver garden stool that I’d use as the table between the chairs. Throw in some metal hurricane lamps and stainless steel planters around the perimeter of a giant outdoor rug. And then I’d finish it off with some accent pillows, tall grasses, white flowers, and of course a carafe of sweet tea.

Hopefully the weather will permit us to enjoy this room for more than a couple of weeks, although I won’t be surprised if we plan an outdoor party over Labor Day weekend and have to cancel due to a blizzard.

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21 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    i want to be your friend and come for tea!

  2. MegO says:

    Oh, good. People have already asked about the planters. Love them. Want them.

    Last year, I planted great flowers along our front "yard" including fabulous arrangements in large planters we had on our front porch. I did it all when I was about a million months pregnant. I am pretty sure I cried when someone stole the planters off our front porch. I didn't care so much about the cost of replacing the planters, more about all the effort it took planting them.

  3. That fabric is gorgeous. Looks similar to the fabric I had my "breastfeeding chair" upholstered in from Ethan Allen. Can you please elaborate on that there "outdoor floor tile" – we have a screened in porch with an outdoor rug on it, but tiling it sounds interesting, as the rug is hideous and I hate the way it feels.

  4. Ilyssa Russ says:

    Oh Heather! That water decanter! I saw the exact one at the La Meridien Hotel in Vienna, Austria! They're super modern and savvy there I guess.

  5. shawnmarsh says:

    The chair is looking really amazing. The quality of the fabric is really good which enriches the outer appearance of the chair. The pillows are also looking cool too.

    Shirdi Baba

  6. shawnmarsh says:

    The chair is looking really amazing. The quality of the fabric is really good which enriches the outer appearance of the chair. The pillows are also looking cool too.

    Shirdi Baba

  7. Charming's Mama says:

    Can I come see it when its done? Or better yet will you come do my patio?

  8. angel says:

    Looking great! Love it!!

  9. adsf says:

    :) :DxD;)<3:*B):$^_^o.0:x=/:|:S:'(:@:(:o

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