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Lots of tax-day freebies out there in the food world. Anyone seeing anything in the home category? They seem kinda scarce, but so far, I’ve got:

Free Companion Airline Ticket with $100+ Purchase at WorldMarket.com (more like a tax-week freebie)

Free reusable bag from Target on 4/18 — this one’s for Earth Week, but I’ll count it

BTW, if you’re getting a refund and you’re spending it on your house, tell us what you’re buying. Let’s compare notes.



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  1. amarieslife says:

    I'm spending my refund + new homebuyer credit to fix the backyard at my new house. It's really sloped, and the fence is falling over, and i think the dirt is getting worn away under the fence from the greenspace/drainage area next to our house, so we need some retaining walls. Hopefully we'll have a useable space come summertime! Any leftovers will likely go to savings and other little things to spruce up the house.

  2. Hee-hee. We are spending our refund on a cistern, outdoor shower, and composting toilet. It may not be "design" per se, but we're excited! It's bringing us closer to design!

    • Kelley says:

      Okay, I'm totally geeking out on your purchases! We're driving to the Jack Daniels distillery to check out their whiskey barrels to see if we can use them as rain barrels.http://bit.ly/9vJsl2 (It's like reading Playboy for the ads.)

  3. larualsmom says:

    With the small amount of $$ the government's returning back to us our money will go towards our never ending new decor/remodel. New kitchen appliances, countertops and floring are next on our list. Sure wish the return would cover the cost of everything. Just thankful this year we don't owe any money back.

  4. Dave says:

    what refund?

  5. butkus says:

    I get to spend it on a rental roof, and it will be turned into a tax deduction for next year !

  6. tandmjohnson says:

    We are trying renovate our basement for our children to have their own rooms.

  7. Kendal says:

    Spent original refund on new flooring for the bathrooms and kitchen. First time buyer credit will be for a new front door and sliding door!

  8. mdenisedamrel says:

    I've got plans to completely remodel the kitchen, install new hardwood floors in the entire house, replace all my windows and buy a new mattress. Those are my plans, or a few of them anyway. We'll fix something in the house that needs fixing and hope we won't have to add funds to do so.

  9. Kelley says:

    Post pics on RMS so we can all check them out!http://www.roomzaar.com/rate-my-space/multigaller

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