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In the spirit of all things “cute and unique,” we are giving you a chance to win four, fun side plates from Ink Dish. We hand-picked the “December” line for our readers after we fell in love with the quirky details and pops of color. For a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, April 19. Be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.


Win 4 sideplates from Inkdish's "December" collection.

“December” is from the dinnerware collection designed by artist Alyson Fox for Ink Dish. The design features delicate birds and ladies in a fantastical finishing school carefully balancing books on their heads. The side plates are made from quality porcelain with an in-glaze decal and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

This week we want to know have you actually ever used the china you picked out when you got married? Have you replaced your Grandma’s Desert Rose print with the cute dinnerware you scored at Target? You have until 12/11c Monday to answer. Click here for official rules.



312 Responses

  1. Joy Meyer-Buckley says:

    Friends know that I collect only 2 place settings of China in any given pattern along with platters. Never registered. I have a beautiful collection of 2 place settings in many patterns. Some of the gifts from friends are quite old, I do use them and for no special reason at all and mostly for my husband and I.

  2. Ellycat says:

    I picked out pewter.. loved it at the time and it was "the fad" and yes I did use it on occasion. When I divorced, I left it because I was limited on space in my new apartment. I wish I had it all now. Wonder if he would give it to me? lol I am sure my girls will get it one day if he still has it.

  3. Polly OHara says:

    I never used my china from my 1st wedding-so when I was moving I sold it on Ebay for a nice sum. I now have stoneware from Pottery Barn that suits our lifestyle much better and actually gets used!

  4. Jessica Rhoton says:

    My grandmother bought me my "nice" set of china and I have never used it before, its just not my style, khaki colored with gold trim, i'm a little more contemporary then that. I do have some cute ones I did get at target a few years ago, they have polka dots!

  5. Kelsey says:

    i haven't gotten married, so i don't have any china!

  6. @terriogden says:

    I only received 4 complete place settings of china as a gift for my wedding, that was almost 12 years ago. I bought 4 coordinating plates last summer at a yard sale for $12. We do use our china for nice dinners & holidays. But my husband & I do have a tradition we started on our first anniversary. We have Chinese takeout on our china for our anniversary dinner. I look forward to our upcoming dinner on June 6th.

  7. softstamp9 says:

    I only received one place setting of china at my wedding.

  8. skimferella says:

    I have really plain dishes from World Market…plain white. These are fun.

  9. Barbara Smith says:

    I never registered for china since I was moving to Miami from Massassachusetts and living in my husbands aunt'.. That was in 1962! A few years later, I bought a set of old china from a neighbor that was 50 years old since she had received it for a wedding gift. I use it only on special occasions and have added on to the set from the Replacements website… For everyday use ……I bought a red of red square dishes that I purchased from T.J. Max. !!!! Those dishes would look great in my cabinet!

  10. QuincyC says:

    We have a beautiful blue, cream and gold set of china we got for our wedding. We have used the whole set for holidays and I use the coffee cups and saucers when I invite friends over for coffee and tea.

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