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Tax Day, the day we all love to gripe about. The NY Times reported 47 percent of Americans owed no income tax for 2009.

I’m in the 53 percent who did write a check to the IRS on April 15. I won’t gripe. Taxes pay for civilization. If you want to see what a country looks like where no one pays taxes, go to Somalia. I’ll take interstate highways and public schools for all, thank you. I can dream about what goodies I would have bought with a tax refund, though.

1. At the top of my wish list is a Manhattan Leather Club Chair from Pottery Barn. In Berry Red. I know, I know, PB isn’t wildly cutting edge and this chair has been around for a decade, but I adore it. I’ve coveted it in PB catalogs for years, from the days when it was only available in Cognac and Black. It’s voluptuous and lusciously Art Deco. I could lay sideways in it and read a book. My dogs could jump on it and not harm that supple, full-grain leather. Maybe I should cave and order one right now. Fiscal prudence be damned.

PB's Manhattan Club Chair was inspired by vintage 1930s chairs found in a Paris flea market.

PB's Manhattan Club Chair was inspired by vintage 1930s chairs found in a Paris flea market.

2. Beneath my Berry Red chair: A Liza Phillips rug, in a green Ballcourt design. No kids toting cups of fruit juice will be allowed within 30 yards of it.

3. I’d trade in my 12-year-old TV for a 42-inch HD flat. Large, but not vulgar, because your TV should never be larger than your sofa.

4. For the HD flat, I’d get this handmade Lo-Do Media Unit from New Mexico furniture designer Damian Velasquez.

Albuquerque furniture maker Damian Velasquez makes gorgeous contemporary pieces.

Photo from DamianVelasquez.com

5. This floor lamp from the Deco collection at Rejuvenation.com would finish off my fantasy furniture collection perfectly.

I just spent $8,500 of tax refund I didn’t get. Maybe I can get Social Security numbers for my dogs and declare them as dependents, wrangling a tax refund next year. Or I could become the nonprofit Church of Manhattan Leather Club Chair Lust and pay no taxes at all.  Hope Pottery Barn doesn’t phase out those red Manhattan Club chairs between now and when I finally stop dreaming and buy one.


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  1. Lena S. says:

    Well that's easy!! Since I haven't gotten a tax refund since I retired five years ago, I've had lots of time to dream. I would create a simply awesome spice and veggie garden in large boxed wooden containers [3 to 4 ft. high] with a walking path of gorgeous stones. Then I would border the garden with nice drought resistant plants. For height I would plant a row of fruit trees and put in a drip hose so, [to minimize weed problems] yummie love the vision.

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