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Recently the drawer that I use to store my cosmetics has become an unmanageable mess with bottles of lotion and hair product thrown haphazardly here and there because my daughter is late for school. And putting things back in their proper place is just so much work. No, it really is. Because I’ve just spent the last half hour repeatedly screaming, “YOUR SOCKS GO ON YOUR FEET.” Or telling my husband over and over again that the baby is in the fireplace.

And then I inevitably forget to throw away things that should be thrown away. Or more accurately, I get down to the last three drops of lotion, think I’ll eventually use those three drops, and then leave that empty bottle sitting at the bottom of the drawer for the next three years. Multiply this by about a thousand, and THIS IS MY LIFE.


I got the spring cleaning itch the other day, maybe because out of the ten bottles of lotion in my drawer I couldn’t find a single one that hadn’t dried up. Civilized people shouldn’t live this way. I mean, there are entire shows dedicated to people holding interventions for people like me. Why has my family not stepped in?

The accents in this bathroom are mostly dark orange like this:


So I found a fabric that would match the rest of the decor in the room, a heavy cotton with a small, dark orange coral print (for a total steal! $8.99 a yard!):


And then I measured and cut a piece to fit on the bottom of the drawer. Instead of gluing it or nailing it in place I used double-sided tape to hold it in place. This way, if the fabric gets dirty or I get tired of it I can change it out easily. Because if my family is not going to step in, then I have to do all the thinking.


Then the hard part: throwing things out. I had to really ask myself, Heather, have you even SEEN this nail polish since you moved into this house. No? GONE. This process alone cleared out half of the mess. What was left I gathered into groups, some free-standing, others arranged in small, clear containers. And now there is a designated place for everything. And now every time I open this drawer I get a huge smile on my face. It’s just, pretty.


You guys! I found a headband I totally forgot I had! WHO KNOWS what I’m going to find in those other drawers.


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HGTV and Heather Armstrong (@HGTVHeather) invite you to our next “Watch with Heather” Twitter Party! We’ll be tweeting this Saturday during Battle On the Block. Join us at #watchHGTV from 10-11pm EDT for all the fun.

To make comments and/or replies, please follow @HGTVHeather and include #watchHGTV in your tweet


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57 Responses

  1. JennyMoo says:

    You know, lining the drawers with a pretty fabric instead of boring old contact paper totally had not occurred to me. The wheels are turning now….

    (I have that same green pouchy thing — perfect size for an overnight toiletry kit!)

  2. Aidel says:

    Looks so nice. Fabric with double-stick tape is a great idea. I laminated scrapbook paper in a good colorway with clear contact paper & did the same thing. The contact paper was a lot of work–this is smarter!

  3. Kim says:

    Oh my gosh. LOVE this!

  4. Lauren says:

    I totally have that headband.

  5. marilyn says:

    So… I hope you didn't actually throw nail polishes away with the rest of your trash yet. I know most people don't know this, but nail polish is actual toxic waste:http://greenupgrader.com/11261/5-brands-making-to

    Lame, huh?!

    • singingmanatee says:

      I had no idea… thank you!

      It drives me bananas when people throw batteries into the regular trash. Or in movies when they dramatically chuck their cell phone into the ocean.

      Or the woman at the pharmacy that told me to flush unused pain killers down the toilet.

  6. Stacy says:

    You know, if you're good with a needle and thread, you could use velcro stitched onto the fabric and stuck to the inside of the drawer. Then, when the fabric gets dirty, you could just throw it in the washing machine and not worry about dealing with the tape. If you were feeling particularly industrious, you could make several inserts like this, and change them out when you start to feel less giddy about the drawer.

  7. Sheila says:

    It's amazing the difference a little organization and decorative fabric can make…the first draw picture made me think lots of stuff/a little chaotic. The second picture was pleasant and calming…now every time you go in that draw you'll feel relaxed…I'm off to change the energy in some of my draws :) btw…Nice fabric!

  8. the fabric probably should have been scotch-guarded, I imagine every bit of dust, powder and leaking bottles of lotion will stick to the fabic like glue! or for the truely anal-retentive, lay the fabric down then cover with a clear or frosted contact paper to protect it. Ok we can all go back to finding lint balls in our belly button now…

  9. Amanda says:

    I once wallpapered in inside of a closet. I loved some of the wild, crazy damask prints that came into vogue a few years ago, but didn't have the balls to do a whole room in it. I chose to line the inside of my craft closet in an awesome damask and then install floating shelves to hold everything. That act of effort has made me keep that closet much more organized than had I just kept it plain. It's like my happy little nook!

    The point of this comment is that I lined my cosmetics drawer with the scrap wallpaper. That also made me very happy. It's like my happy little drawer!

  10. MegO says:

    Very pretty. The fabric is fabulous. I love that Kerastase product. It smells so good!! I wish they made a perfume of it. I have a really hard time throwing that particular product out. I notoriously save the last couple drops of it for a special occasion.

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