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Scottish design duo, Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, hosts of HGTV Canada’s wildly popular Colin & Justin’s Home Heist are ”it” designers in Canada and the UK. They do it all – from hosting and appearing on several shows, writing best-selling books, contributing to magazine features and designing their own line of home furnishings.


1. Show us a picture of the room you most enjoyed designing and tell us why you love it.

C: We never decorate for ourselves, but for our clients. That means interpreting the signals we receive, so we can deliver exactly what they need in terms of function and style. Initially, this living room simply didn’t reflect decorative ambition. We liked the light this room enjoys and wanted to capitalize on that. 


J: We saw color — and LOADS of it. In this case, an application of sunny yellow was our first suggestion and our clients were immediately seduced. To add extra layers, we specified loads of white accessories — most of which were scouted from dollar stores and spray painted. Lastly, we added comfy seating and created an inexpensive coffee table from wallpaper-covered MDF. As we often like to report, “It’s not how much money you spend but how you spend it that makes all the difference….”


 2. Which designer(s) most influenced you?

C + J: We love the work of Kelly Wearstler, a talented creative whose fresh, colorful style is revered the world over. We’re captivated by the way she fuses highly-colored accents with beachy, country style. We’re also inspired by another fabulous Kelly, Kelly Hoppen, who’s widely credited as having introduced the “East Meets West” style to the world of interior decor.

3. What’s your favorite design style?

J: I like to mix old with new. ‘Junktiques’ (as I like to call them) can be great value. I’ll find a mid-century credenza for eighty bucks and paint it or switch up hardware for a whole new look.

C: I’m a sucker for New England. Checks and plaids in a fresh, breezy scheme is SO me. A carefully composed “shabby chic” aesthetic with beach-inspired seaside references is enough to make me swoon.

4. What’s the essential home accessory (or piece of furniture) you use in your designs?

C: I always try to incorporate discreet sound systems wherever possible. I’d hate to think that a spaghetti of cables would appear after we’ve packed up and moved on. A little careful planning at the build stage is critically important.

J: Just like Colin, I always think about form AND function. If a fabulous room isn’t a useable space, then there’s a problem. I always equip bedrooms with ample clothing storage and living rooms with a combination of discreet and display storage.  


5. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

J: I LOVE Mauritius at the tip of Madagascar. The year before last, we were on the beach with Nelson Mandela and struck up a conversation that may lead to us reworking his home!

 C: I just adore Cairo. It perfectly fuses east meets west and old meets new.  One minute I’m haggling over raw silk in a rustic market and the next I’m stepping into a glossy restaurant with some of the world’s best food.



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27 Responses

  1. adam says:

    These guys should have a show over here!
    Adam x

  2. Mrs Fiona Chambers says:

    Dear HGTV,
    This is a beautiful renovation and very much my type of "look". I admire the way these designers use colour. I am very interested to find out if these Scotch gentlemen are coming Stateside. Sounds like they already gave Canada a kick in the proverbial ass! Be nice to see them working their magic in my modest town home which could do with their talents.
    Yours sincerely, Mr and Mrs Fiona and Neil Chambers, Atlanta

  3. Angela says:

    Classy room, these dudes know what they're about. Is it on cable overhere? Would love to see more from these guys, their website has some delicious ideas
    Angela xxx

  4. bobbie says:

    Very classy rooms and I love the black in it. Great job.
    Now if u could only come over here and do my house lol.
    Bobbie. C xo.

  5. Jill Drummond says:

    You guys in the US are missing out big style because you don't have regular Colin and Justin stuff going on TV wise! If they're coming to a TV near you, get tuning in!!!! We love them back here – and we're sure you guys Stateside will love them too….

  6. mags says:

    These British men appear very talented. Why don't they have a show in America? We could use them over here.
    Yours sincerely, Margaret Calton, New York x

  7. Allie says:

    colin and justin are now on everyday on bbc america

  8. maryanne says:

    Please can I see more design from this designer? This is way better than a lot of the rooms I see on HG and Style. really lovely touch

  9. douglas neilson says:

    O>M>G. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this transformation! Is there a bio for this pair of guys? Theyre English but do they have a show here? I could use them round my place, a back split three bedder with potential!

  10. lesley D says:

    Subscribe to BBC on cable. You'll get them and more. They are just fabulous and too funnt to watch. Love them

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