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Recently, we posted about cozy reading nooks and it got me thinking about creature comforts. Being surrounded by the things I love is one of my greatest pleasures and it seems a lot of my favorite bloggers love the same things that I do. Read on to see some of my (and their) favorite things:

design-happens-antique-tables475x348Anthropologie Hack From Design Sponge


Everybody has a favorite collection or a prized possession they want to display. Check out these suitcases used as décor – love the vintage look they bring to the space. The pink ones are a great makeshift footstool.


 design-happens-pink-suitcases491x326[1]Both Images From Lovely Clusters

After seeing these clever bedside tables, I’ve decided mine is just too conventional. I love reading in bed before I turn off the lights, but my brown 3-drawer is just not cutting it. These pieces would really spice up my space. In the meantime, I might take a cue from the images of suitcases and stack them up for a twist on the traditional bedside table.

design-happens-house-shelf400x400[1]From Carrie Can

 design-happens-chair-table475x600[1]From Design Sponge

 design-happens-shelf-table500x600[1]From Apartment Therapy

What’s more comforting than drawing a long bath? Alkemie recently posted an awesome gallery of dream baths. The designers behind them definitely brought their A game when they created these ultra-relaxing washrooms. Here are the two I’m lusting over:


design-happens-wooded-bath400x400[1]Both From Alkemie



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  1. ashlina says:

    these babies are gorgeous. i am getting so much inspiration from this blog. love it

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