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We just got a new outdoor dining set and I have been spending all of my time on the covered porch. Anything I once did inside is now done outside — morning coffee, family dinner, watching TV (no worries, the TV still resides indoors- I can see and hear it from the porch screen).Outdoor living is a joy not to be overlooked. Get inspired with these great shots and ideas:

design-happens-playground550x367A Family’s Private Playground From eGarden

Celebs do outdoor living better than all of us. Get used to it with these shots of Josh Groban’s patio and Pete Sampras’ outdoor theater.

Small backyard? No problem. Check out how you can make an outdoor party zone in a tiny space.

Maybe you live in a harsher climate and can’t imagine spending that much time outdoors? Try an indoor-outdoor room from California shop, Gardenology.

eGarden posted an amazing list of ultra-cool outdoor furniture. I love the sectionals.


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