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Some of you have asked how my sister’s basement is coming along, and the answer to that is probably one that has plagued every remodel in the history of the world: it’s not! Everything has stopped, halted, been put on hold! Call it a delay, a setback, a change in schedule, whatever you want. I call it The Inevitable.

In early February we ordered my sister a couch, one that was said to be in stock minus a couple of parts. Let me explain: it’s a sectional, and because my sister has five kids and they all want to use the basement to watch BYU football games together, we configured it so that it would be almost fourteen-feet long. So it was going to have to come in several pieces. Like, a hundred.


At first they told me it would take about a month, and that was fine. I expected to have to wait four to six weeks. Then four to six weeks passed, and they couldn’t tell me where the couch was. Then another week. And then another. And what day is it? Oh, right. It’s been three months. And we still don’t have the couch. You could say we are without a couch. I would say were are IRATE.

I won’t get into the constant game of phone tag that was going on, or the fact that no one knew which end was up, but last week I found out that they hadn’t even started making the couch. Let’s just say there is a well worn path around our block. In the shape of my feet. Stomping. And certain trees have been knocked over by my language.

We’re waiting to get the couch into the room to see how everything else will fit, mainly because the room is such a peculiar shape. And we considered canceling the order and finding an alternative elsewhere, but then we’d be looking at another four to six weeks of waiting. We’ve been promised that it will arrive no later than next week when finally the throw pillows that I ordered, THE THROW PILLOWS THAT GOT HERE TWO MONTHS AGO, will finally have a home:


Now, I know things could be much worse. I’ve lived through remodels where the tile guy goes missing. Or the hardwood arrives and it’s the wrong hardwood. Or the ceiling collapses and traps the dog. Something always goes wrong during a remodel, and so far things have gone pretty smoothly for my sister. The tile guys were loud, but they showed up! And her walls are still standing! AND! She’s still married to her husband!

This is just a small bump in the road to what will be a beautiful room, albeit a frustrating one for my sister who is living with a giant empty space… waiting… waiting… waiting. And if that couch is not here by next week? I don’t think the wildlife around my house will survive it.

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8 Responses

  1. @mjbutah says:

    I had wondered, thanks for the update! Remodeling is a lot like travel, you just have to roll with it because sometimes there is just nothing you can do but wait it out. I can't wait to see the whole thing together.

  2. Bethface says:

    Thanks for the up date, I have been wondering how it was going.

    I just recently got a new couch also a sectional and when they brought it in, 'I was all uh, that is not my couch!'
    Of course they assured me that it was and that I was crazy. Guess what? Next day they called to say they had delivered the wrong couch and would be by shortly to fix the mix up. Took them two weeks to make the change. UGH!!!

  3. Kat says:

    Hey – I thought everyone from Utah was familiar with LoveSac – why not just get their Sactional sectionals? I may not have a billion kids, but having a machine washable yet attractively modern couch changed my freakin' LIFE.

    Oh those pillows… can't wait to see pics of the final product.

  4. LynnCoggin says:

    Hate when that happens…ugh.

  5. Peas says:

    So has the couch shown up yet? I see Chuck is still showing up in the dailies, but Coco has been conspicuously absent since this post…..

  6. [...] I’ve written about what a nightmare this couch has been, at least in terms of getting it made and delivered. And then the date that they promised me it would arrive got pushed back again. Ahem. [...]

  7. nikilyn says:

    I love this couch! Can you tell us where you ordered it from? How could I find this couch online easily? Could you provide a link or reference? Thanks much!

  8. lynne says:

    there is a pretty similar couch from IKEA… the karlstad… not quite as fancy, probably, but it also can be configured in different ways and comes in a variety of greys, currently…

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