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To celebrate Wildflower Week, I’m tilling up some dirt and spreading wildflower seeds around my ponds. Here are some of the seeds I’m sowing:



California Poppy


Oxeye Daisies
Design-happens-Oxeye-Daisies450x300 More great pictures of flowers.


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  1. C&E says:

    The ox-eye daisy can become invasive and in some states is considered a noxious weed (Wyoming and Colorado). You might consider planting Shasta daisies instead, although some do not like the smell!

  2. So true about the daisies! They get outside the area you put them in, and the blooms do not last long. Then they dry up and you have a mess to clean up, more so than most flowers.

  3. MileySmith22 says:

    I have came to know that Celebrating Wildflowers' National Wildflower Week in late spring is an annual event from this blog. I like Cosmos flowers.
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