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Yesterday the heavens parted, a giant ray of light illuminated my sister’s basement, and out fell a couch. A very large couch. I was hoping it might land on the people who sold it to me, and I’d watch the pointy boots on their feet shrivel up beneath the ottoman. And then my nephews would cheer and clink their giant lollipops with joy!


I told you it was huge. In fact, I think I once lived in an apartment half this size.


I’ve written about what a nightmare this couch has been, at least in terms of getting it made and delivered. And then the date that they promised me it would arrive got pushed back again. Ahem.

Now, I’m horrible with confrontation. I do not like to engage in disagreements, even if they happen to be civil. So when they called to tell me that the date had been pushed back, I said, okay. Fine. And then I had my assistant, someone who delights in confrontation call them back for me. I had to leave the house when he did this so that I wouldn’t even hear the conversation, otherwise I would break out in hives.

But! I hear it was glorious and magical. Triumphant, even. They wouldn’t give me the couch for free (drats!), but my assistant talked them into a fifteen percent discount. I’ll take it.

Three days later they called me back to schedule a delivery day and time, and that’s when they brought up my assistant. He was very angry, they said. He was insistent, they said. Aggressive, even. Well, why do you think I hired him?

My sister and her family have always lived with inherited furniture, and this is one of the first new pieces they’ve ever had in their house. My brother-in-law understood their excitement and told his boys they could celebrate as boys do. But only once.


And then they were told to act civilized. Remember, kids, some people live in houses smaller than this couch.


More than anything we are all relieved that we can move on with this project. We can accessorize, move in some smaller pieces, and by football season this will be the place to spend the day.



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  1. Kendall says:

    Please, oh please, tell me where this couch is from! I have been searching for a sectional like this for our family room/basement and I love the fabric on that one.

  2. Alyssa says:

    I agree that this couch is awesome. It is very functional, comfy, and decor savy. I've followed Heathers Blog for several years. Although we have different tastes she makes contemporary & traditional blend to where it isn't too feminine/ dainty. I like the couch.
    I also hav to add that I love the new house (that hallway closet/cabinet + storage) has now made it to my Home Search Wish List! Must have funky bad a** storage space in my new home.
    Heather, would love if you created a link on HGTV or Dooce where you list your recommended links for furtniture pieces and home decor items for those of us who like your taste and need design tips. Basically to shop on your site for decorating tips.
    I look forward to more posts!

  3. Nalley Valley Girl says:

    I think this blog is totally appropriate for HGTV…finally a real life example of buying furniture in this day and age of instant gratification. Sadly, furniture buying is still in the dark ages. I ordered an Italian leather sectional from a hack of a furniture company called Skarbos (Pacific NW store). They told me I’d have a six month wait. OK, I’m a patient woman…design is worth it. So, I get a call eight months later, “Your couch has arrived, but there is a problem.” It was something about the dye color (brown) NOT quite matching on all the pieces of the sectional. I insist on seeing it for myself. I drive 45 minutes South on the traffic-paralyzed I-5 to their warehouse, where no one was qualified to get it down from the storage shelf with a forklift. So, I promptly returned to the showroom, and demanded my deposit back.

  4. Nalley Valley Girl says:

    Instead, I bought an orange, vinyl sectional straight out of Mad Men off Craigslist.org for a fraction of the price of that Italian leather heartbreak. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one experiencing furniture buying debacles. Six weeks later my six-month-old English Mastiff named Steve decided to chew on a cushion and an arm. I am so glad I paid hundreds instead of thousands for that couch!

  5. gloria p says:

    But this is for a household with three boys. Anything other than DIRT-colored would be a mortal sin.

  6. Guest says:

    I can't get over how incredibly nasty this comment is.

    It's mind-blowing.

    I'm guessing the Armstrongs didn't provide insurance for the same reason so very many small businesses don't: it's cost-prohibitive. Tying insurance to employment is a cluster; it's a cluster whether you support state insurance or not. It sucks. It's broken. And it's worth going to Washington to talk about. No matter the different "solutions" each party has offered, I don't think anyone thinks our system works.

    Maybe she doesn't mention Katey because some of us (shock! horror!) relish a little privacy.

    C-R-A-Z-Y thought, right? Madness.

    I don't like the way the Dooce army jumps all over people who don't like Heather's content or style. But this ad hominem attack based on what seems to be total BS is completely out of line. Smearing people you don't like isn't big and it isn't clever. Go grow up, somewhere else.

    PS – The "Monetizing the Hate" pages where pure genius. Surely you see the irony of mentioning them in a comment like yours…

  7. Meredyth O Willits says:

    I just love that there are over three pages of comments about a couch. If a sectional would have ever got this much action in the 70's they would have never stopped making them!

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  8. Msmvnj says:

    Please tell me where you bought this sofa? I love it and am looking for something similar.

  9. Kenesha says:

    Hi heather…I love this couch where Can I purchase one

  10. erika says:

    where did you buy the HUGE grey sectionaL sofa,I have been looking for that exact one. PLease e-mail be back and let me know. Thank you in advance.

  11. Elin says:

    She has a male assistant. I'm guessing that he isn't gay or she'd be talking that up because it would make her sound even hipper than she already is. Male, straight assistant with balls. Looks like her husband's chickens have come home to roost!!!! I'm guessing Katie is gone because she was too nice and too cute and way hip.

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