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The new season of HGTV Design Star premieres on Sunday, June 13 at 10/9c. Mark Burnett Productions of Survivor and The Apprentice fame is producing Design Star this  year, which can only mean the challenges will be bigger, the designers better and the judges tougher. Stop by the Design Star blog to get the scoop on the upcoming season.


Plus, we’ve been catching up with the designers from last season: Antonio, Dan, Jason, Lonni and many more. See where the designers are now »



23 Responses

  1. orl6kami says:

    its sad … "people" always attack what and who is diferent ..(reminds me of the witch hunts in new England times .." But we live in a world of diversity and tastes and likes … Antonio is not your "everyday designer … and Thats why I like him :) ……I dont have the $$ for the classy and expensive designs of others .. but i can get ideas from The Antonio Treatment and incorporate some of them in my daily life :) :)
    Antonio… hope to see the show back on hgtv soon . . good luck :) ..

  2. kjam13@gmail.com says:

    Antonio is something new & different. He is also a real person! My 11 year old & 13 year old had the opportunity to meet him and he was SO good to them! They are forever fans! Antonio, don't change a thing! We LOVE you just the way you are!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Lita Ritz says:

    Antonio is the designer with a vision. He is the future! There are so many designers out there that their design is same as eveyone else's, except for Candice Olsen. Antonio's is fresh, new, clean lines, but with soft textures, colors are bold but works with the design. Designers in the sixties took chances and were criticized for their vision. Designers now use that as their guide line to blend theirs and of the past.
    Not everyone want their house design like their parents, and grandparents. The young generation of professionals want something different. We cannot just stand still in the past but move forward to the future.

  4. Shelly says:

    Antonio deserved to win, as he exhibited a true sense of knowledge of basic design elements but added his contemporary slant to his creations. Granted, he may look different and approach situations uniquely as compared to most other HGTV designers, which may explain some of the negativity thrown his way…which is quite unfortunate. Antonio needs to remain on HGTV is some form or fashion, as he injects freshness and vitality to the network.

  5. I love Design Star — David Bromstad and Antonio Ballatore are both awesome. I liked Kim's show, too. I think HGTV needs to keep these Design Stars's hows going. I know it is more cost effective to keep running the repeats of House Hunters and Designed to Sell eppisodes, it is starting to get a little old :(

  6. This show is great. It not only inspires me to redecorate but also correct my decor 'errors'.

  7. Buddy says:

    What happened to the winner before Antonio…from Season 3?

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