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The new season of HGTV Design Star premieres on Sunday, June 13 at 10/9c. Mark Burnett Productions of Survivor and The Apprentice fame is producing Design Star this  year, which can only mean the challenges will be bigger, the designers better and the judges tougher. Stop by the Design Star blog to get the scoop on the upcoming season.


Plus, we’ve been catching up with the designers from last season: Antonio, Dan, Jason, Lonni and many more. See where the designers are now »



23 Responses

  1. Sylvia says:

    I hope the viewers take again the chance to choose the winner of this next season's Design Star. I am sorry to say that last year was a real mess and great mistake. I was so excited to see my favorite designer Candice Olsen as a judge and at the same time sooooo disappointed for her judgement. Many viewers agree with me that Antonio WAS NOT the right choice and time have demonstrated that we were right!!

    • Chip says:

      If Candice Olsen is your favorite designer then that explains why you don't like Antonio winning the last season of Design Star. Don't you applaud HG TV for taking a chance and bringing something different to the network? We can't have 24 hours of Vern, Genevieve and Candice on HG TV so they chose the antithesis of their style direction and went with a guy to mix up the network. Hopefully over time you and other HG TV watchers will embrace Antonio for what he brings to the network rather than lapse into a daze by having the same shows and designers played ad nauseam.

    • alr says:

      I got hooked on Design Star just during this last season. I think Antonio was absolutely the winner, not only for his creativity but because of his presence onscreen.. I don't agree at all that he was a bad choice and I've been waiting to see more of his new show… Also, I think the judges felt the same way! :)

    • I could not disagree more. Antonio was CLEARLY the most ORIGINAL of the contestants and his show has continued to show that originality. Are we all supposed to get tatoos and paint ducks pink? Obviously not, but if you can not ABSTRACT these original ideas into something that works in your life and your situation, you are not a designer, but a "shopper". . . . and a design network needs really original ideas to sustain it. . . . I'm just sayin. . .

    • CurlyQGirly56 says:

      Are you kidding?!! Antonio was so refreshing and original that he was a must win contestant!! He is a far better designer then say that nauseating Hildy san Tomas from Trading Spaces!!! How many people want to walk into their living room to see their furnishings on the ceiling?!! Unlike Antonio, she was awefully talentless & unwilling to satisfy her clients, whereas Antonio aimed to please the client without focusing on ego & self gradification like Hildy did!!!! Antonio deserved to win which is why HE DID!!!!! Hildy sucked ,which is why she's no longer seen or heard!!!! Congrats toyou, Antonio!!! YOU TRULY ARE A "DESIGN STAR"!!!!!!

  2. Mary C says:

    I LOVE Design Star, and I'm sure Mark Burnett will really make it exciting!! I hope he doesn't make them eat bugs!!

    I happen feel that Antonio was absolutely a fantastic choice as last season's winner! His designs were so bold and brave, and has inspired me and a few of my friends to actually punch up our decor with LOTS of big color! Keep picking winners HGTV! Can't WAIT for the new Design Star, and I can't wait till you start playing The Antonio Treatment again!!

  3. Victoria Drake says:

    Anthony was the winner from the start and deserved it all the way! He'll be back in the Fall and it better be for good. He was the only one with clean lines and an obvious professional talent. Looking forward to a new season!

  4. Steven O says:

    The design start show is awesome and all of the contestants on the design star show were fun to watch and had their own specialty although Antonio was my pick. He was able to design any space type according to the needs of the people and add his own creations to make each space standout in an amazing way. The fact that he adds creations and special artwork to his designs, add cool painting methods puts his designs above the rest. That being said, The Antonio Treatment is a great addition to HGTV and adds a new design level in which many viewers, including me, enjoying watching. Keep up the great work Antonio!

  5. Carla Hanes says:

    Exactly Chip, I agree with you. All of the designers have a unique design of there own, to suit each individuals style and taste. If Antonio's style isn't to your standards than move onto a designer who best suits you, but don't say harsh words just because you don't like his style of design. I like Candice Olson to, but I also like the unique style of Antonio.. Another unique style is David Bromstad, he has his own unique style to. If design meant only one style, wouldn't life be a little boring?. Not everyone has the same taste in design and art.

  6. Looking forward to the return of The Antonio Treatment. Antonio is fresh and bold, but I think people are missing one of his strongest points – the fact that he goes above and beyond for his clients. I can't think of a one of them that wasn't thrilled with his approach. That's the bottom line.

  7. I just don't understand why people are being so hateful towards Antonio. I've seen some harsh replies, not only from this posting but others as well. If you don't like one certain designer, whats the point in saying harsh words?… everyone has there own taste in design and art. Just like with music as an example, not everyone has the same taste in music, if we all had to listen to Opera, not everyone would be happy ( I know I wouldn't) but we are given many different choices in music just like we are in design.

  8. I thought Antonio was great! I have gotten a lot of inspiration from his shows, mostly for doing my teenage son's room in a way that is cool to my son and livable for me! Antonio has such great randomness that it causes the rest of us to rethink what we are doing. . . . excellent!

  9. Anna says:

    I hope that none of you experience in your own lives the hatred that's being spewed at Antonio. If you don't like him, for whatever reason, then don't watch his show. But don't ruin it for the rest of us who enjoy it.

    Antonio, keep doing what you're doing and those of us who love you will keep watching.

  10. Judy Reed says:

    I too love Design Star and look forward to the new season. Regarding Antonio….It took me a while to warm up to him but after watching the initial shows he did I realized what a sweet and caring guy he is. His "rough" appearance hides a tender heart. His designs are different from the typical HGTV stuff and I love them. I am looking forward to more of "The Antonio Treatment"…..hurry back Antonio!

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