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design-happens-solaria435x600Sometimes I really hate not being eligible for Freebie Fridays. This is one of those weeks. We’ve partnered with Solaria Lighting, a great company out of Atlanta known for the weathered look of their products, to bring you the chance to win one of five Manhattan Pendants. This beautiful piece has an antique wood finish and comes with a six-foot chain to it hang from the ceiling. For a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, May 17.

This week we want to know, if you were a designer what would be your signature piece? Well-chosen wallpapers like Jack Poles? Romantic chandeliers like Candice Olsen? You have until 12/11c Monday to answer. Click for official rules.



155 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    My signature would be mirrors. I think mirrors open up a room and really capture natural light. Mirrors can really show the creative and stylish side of the home owners. Each mirror is unique just like the individuals who live in the home!

  2. Kristie says:

    It really depends on the room you're designing, but I think its important to have a big signature piece if you're doing a living room, or some type of feel you're going for (like calming, modern, or chic)
    Gotta know which direction you're headed before you start out.

  3. suzsanna says:

    I love to have beautiful art glass in just about every room! My signature piece could have cheery vibrant colors or soft pure clear tones, and can come in the form of a gorgeous hand blown vase, a shimmering crystal lamp, a playful prismatic cut glass art piece hanging in the window, even a beautiful set of bubbly recycled glass dinnerware set on a rustic table.

  4. Laura D says:

    Artistic glass sculptures. I may not know how to really make them but I can envision them. I've seen many from varios artists that meet my qualifications.

  5. Mom70x7 says:

    My signature piece would be an overstuffed chair – the kind you want to sit in immediately. It would have wide arms, to hold your coffee (or tea or ice water or . . . ), along with a high-enough back so that your whole back is supported and can rest your head when tired. You'd be able to curl up in it, underneath your new Solaria Lighting Manhattan Pendant light, and read, talk, or just relax.

  6. Denise Casper says:

    I would have a warm, green, nature inspired space with beautiful color infused one of a kind hand blown functional glass pieces from Hot Sand, Asbury Park New Jersey.

  7. My signature would be to use natural materials like stones, glass tiles or hardwood floor for giving a warm touch to the room.

  8. vstark says:

    Uplighting! There are a lot of people who have trouble with the glare from downlighting.

  9. Shana says:

    Fun, Unique Outdoor Patio Furniture for Kids! Childhood memories will be even more memorable with the Bold Colors, Functional yet Fancy for a little girls Tea Party or Jungle theme Animal shapes for the little boy and his pals!!

  10. Tricia Brown says:

    My signature piece would be plush cushions.

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