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Last night I experienced Cirque Du Soleil for the first time when Alegría came to a venue here in Salt Lake City. I’d been told to expect the unreal, the unbelievable, the mind-blowing. But what they didn’t tell me was that I would come away from this…this…adventure having been transformed. My minimal aesthetic just got a huge kick in the butt.


The acrobatics, of course, were the star of the show, but the heart of it for me? The color, the costumes, the elegance of every line and detail. Alegría means “jubilation” in Spanish, and the core message of the show is about the pricelessness of youth and the inevitable passing of time.


Perhaps I’m a sentimental schmuck, but I felt like a wonder-filled six-year-old the entire time. The show transported me to those carefree moments in my youth when bills and taxes and the mortgage weren’t eating my brain.


I laughed hysterically. I gasped. I covered my face. I stood up on my feet and clapped maniacally.


In the past few years my style has moved quite far into themes more modern, more streamlined. We live in a mid-century home, and I’ve honored that style with the furniture and patterns in each room, meaning that bright spots of color and crazy textures are rare. After seeing this show, however, I can’t stop thinking about mixing it up a bit. Maybe going wild. Like, flying to Paris and clearing out an entire flea market.


I was so inspired, in fact, that I put together a mood board for a bedroom that would envelop and dazzle me like that show did last night, with furniture and accessories that have the color and texture of the blue-feathered nymphs. Not a circus-themed room, no. Something whimsical and reminiscent of the playfulness of youth, something vibrant, something unrestrained. Something totally not me.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love how you came up with a room based on a Cirque du Soleil show! Allegria is probably my favorite of all the Cirque shows and Debbie (above) is right, the CDs are great! I think I was 15 when I saw Allegria and it's still with me. And I just saw O in Vegas for my birthday two weeks ago.

  2. SarahB says:

    One of the saving graces of our two years in Vegas was that Cirque du Soleil nearly always ran 2-for-1 specials for military families. We saw several of the shows, and I felt just as you described, like a kid in wonder.

  3. moondoggie says:

    Heather, get thee to Las Vegas and immerse yourself in all of the CdS shows that are there. The permanent installations there allow even more amazing acrobatics and sets. I am a CdS junkie, and think that their shows are incredibly amazing. I also like to bring binoculars, and view what is happening above the stage to make stuff happen ON the stage.

  4. randi says:

    I get design inspiration from Cirque shows too! I've seen 3 shows- Saltimbanco, Corteo and Ovo. I do not have the space to actually decorate, nor do I have the design eye or actual talent to put a room together, but I am always inspired!

  5. bree says:

    the crazy thing is Heather that this is SO you. Just unleashed. It still says "Heather" in it's design sense but lives out the fantasy of the cirque.

  6. dianecayton says:

    I like the bedding and the mirror, otherwise a bit too uncomfortable looking.. The chair has a 'stiff' appearance to it.

  7. nakedjen says:

    the rug is here:

    you're welcome.

    i'm also glad you enjoyed the show, heather. i've been a HUGE fan of cirque since, well, my first experience in 1984. they are magic personified.

  8. jane9 says:

    Also, the quilts from Anthropolgie are dryclean only and not dog friendly. Dog nails and washing machines will rip them to shreds. Sorry i work there part time, just an FYI.

  9. Geri says:

    If you loved the Cirque, you should see "Love" at the Mirage in Las Vegas = all BEATLES music. I came away telling everyone they should see it. It will change your life.

    Love the mood board . . . those MIRRORS are all the rage here in L.A. decor. I saw one at Katsuya at L.A. Live on Saturday and at Beso on Hollywood Blvd. on Monday. They DO catch your eye and your reflection.

  10. pammyg says:

    Is it weird that I've only seen Cirque on TV but am totally afraid of it? And I'm not even afraid of clowns!

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