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Last night I experienced Cirque Du Soleil for the first time when Alegría came to a venue here in Salt Lake City. I’d been told to expect the unreal, the unbelievable, the mind-blowing. But what they didn’t tell me was that I would come away from this…this…adventure having been transformed. My minimal aesthetic just got a huge kick in the butt.


The acrobatics, of course, were the star of the show, but the heart of it for me? The color, the costumes, the elegance of every line and detail. Alegría means “jubilation” in Spanish, and the core message of the show is about the pricelessness of youth and the inevitable passing of time.


Perhaps I’m a sentimental schmuck, but I felt like a wonder-filled six-year-old the entire time. The show transported me to those carefree moments in my youth when bills and taxes and the mortgage weren’t eating my brain.


I laughed hysterically. I gasped. I covered my face. I stood up on my feet and clapped maniacally.


In the past few years my style has moved quite far into themes more modern, more streamlined. We live in a mid-century home, and I’ve honored that style with the furniture and patterns in each room, meaning that bright spots of color and crazy textures are rare. After seeing this show, however, I can’t stop thinking about mixing it up a bit. Maybe going wild. Like, flying to Paris and clearing out an entire flea market.


I was so inspired, in fact, that I put together a mood board for a bedroom that would envelop and dazzle me like that show did last night, with furniture and accessories that have the color and texture of the blue-feathered nymphs. Not a circus-themed room, no. Something whimsical and reminiscent of the playfulness of youth, something vibrant, something unrestrained. Something totally not me.



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  1. summer says:

    love the mood board…maybe because it has elements from my own bedroom???
    I have the quilt and with two kids it gets washed quite a bit…it has held up fine when dried with tennis balls…

  2. 3AcresDesign says:

    I really enjoyed this post by Heather. The blue leather chair is evoking some of the satin shine of the costumes. I love that the rug is pulling in the exaggerated chainmail of the costume. Breaking out and being wild is what art and design is all about for me.

  3. Ashes says:

    OH, those are knobs xD
    I thought they were earrings and was thinking "what in the world do earrings have to do with a room?!"
    Clearly, I am a decor n00b.

  4. Boo says:

    Am I blind or are there no credits for that mood board? So irritating and So wrong.

    • Dan says:

      Or another way you might put it is "Heather, it would be great if you would let us know where you found the items for your mood board."

      • DannMc says:

        Or, another way you might put it is, "Why on earth do I have to teach the writers how to write about design? Not knowing this is sort of akin to my mechanic being unaware how to open my car door."

  5. Disney Girl says:

    Heather, I also love Cirque du Soleil. You should see La Nouba in Orlando. It's located in Downtown Disney and you could take your kids to Disney World as a bonus and you and your husband could drink around the "world". Great board, no credits though. But just do it! Don't just do a board. You have a beautiful house you should decorate it. What did your kids think of Alegra?

  6. Natalie J. says:

    Where's the rest of this story? Your stories often just suddenly end and feel unfinished. Annoying. But finally you're writing something that is more appropriate for this website.

  7. Alegria says:

    Heather Armstrong steals other people's photos. HGTV, do you support copyright violations? If not, then insist on Heather giving a source to ALL of the images and words that she uses from the work of others or you are in support of her breaking the law. She makes money from all of these photos. Other people source photos that they don't take themselves. Is Heather above the law? NO! Fix it.

  8. Tyrant says:

    The bed is here:

    In fact, the photo was taken by someone else for the Anthropologie website. She could at least give credit to the website.

    Not cool

  9. Debbie says:

    Here's the Eddie Accent Chair from Z Gallerie:

    Larger pic:

    SKU# 010808462
    Price $1,199.00

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