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  1. TJohanson says:

    I checked out all the new cast bios & their designs. Just from what I have seen Trent & Casey are my favorites. I'm also kinda feeling Tom's ecclectic style. It has a little bit of quirkiness to it & I like that. I liked some of the elements of Alex's work but did notice that in all the pictures everything did seem a bit repetitive – not much variety. I'm sort of feeling Dan's work as well but would have to see more. Some of the others were ok but nothing that really impressed me that much; and there were some that I did not like at all. I think this year will be very interesting…..looks like alot of very talented people.

  2. georgehall says:

    I love to watch the shows of this artists. The shows played by them are really cool. They always give the rocking performance.

    Worthing Escorts

  3. Mrs Limestone says:

    I hope they change the format a bit this year to give the designers a chance to do something inspiring. I know its tv and the timelines have to be compressed but in prior seasons the two short time allowances didn't make for very good design. Some of these people look very talented – looking forward to the show.

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