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Erin-200Meet our new featured blogger, Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind. She and her husband moved from Los Angeles to the Midwest, where they bought an auction house and are transforming it from a rancher to a Scandinavian cabin. Erin says:

“I should start off by saying that when Husband and I decided to tackle a fixer-upper, we weren’t prepared for a total gut renovation (TGR, if you’re fancy). In my mind, a fixer-upper meant just that: fixing up. In Husband’s mind, it meant the opposite: tearing down.”

Along the way, Erin will share their experience with everything from architects to paint colors to mold remediation (yuck!). And since Erin and I share a love of Suzanne Susanka’s Not So Big House philosophy, we’ll also get her inside scoop on how they used it in their 1,500 sq ft space.

Now I’ll step aside and let Erin introduce herself and take us on a tour of her house. Look for Erin’s posts every Wednesday as we follow her mega-renovation from start to finish.


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  1. Ron says:

    Got interested when I saw that you guys are doing a "Scandinavian" style home. I'm Norwegian "up to here", so I'm anxious to see the final product. By the way, I assume, Erin, you're the Scandinavian in this family…correct?

  2. nomiddlename says:

    I can picture your make over home in my mind . It will be a jewel I'm sure of it! I'm relieved that you aren't living in the house as it is being remodeled! I married an architect and we moved into our home when it just had nothing but studs in the walls. I had 2 young children ages 6 and 8 when we moved in there wasn't even a toilet or running water for us to use for about a month. we built our home from scratch all by ourselves.the only thing we had to farm out was the concrete for the slab and driveway and the stucco for the outside. we hired someone to place the AC and heating in. and apart of the roof. we had very few people to come and help us .we occasionally would have a friend or 2 who would help my husband do the plumbing or a little bit of the electrical.we still haven't completely finished our home but we love it and it is beautiful! someone told me that if you marry an architect you will always live in a house that is unfinished! and so far they have been right! We have lived in our home since 1992. I do hope that you finish your home and enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine! You both have taken on quite a load of responsibility there but I'm confident that you will see it through! There will be times when you will be ready to give up from being so frustrated with how things are going! just keep that faith that you'll see this to the end and if you haven't killed your self or your husband or filled for divorce in this process then you both will be exceptional individuals! Our favorite saying about building a house is that it usually takes an arm or a leg!

  3. Maria says:

    Well, hi there "neighbors" ! (Ft. Wayne is a mere 10 minute drive from my home – which my hubby and I got through a forclosure as well– a blessing for sure) How fun for you guys to be on the HGTV website! I hope the remodeling journey is a fun one. Great "meeting" you and looking forward to the final reveal!

  4. Janice says:

    Can't wait to see the finished results. Looks like it will be so beautiful and very spacious.

  5. [...] for several popular blogs such as Design For Mankind, AOL’s Shelter Pop, DIYLife.com, and now HGTV’s Design Happens. Already a busy lady, Erin and her husband are undergoing their own home renovation project. With a [...]

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