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Erin-200Meet our new featured blogger, Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind. She and her husband moved from Los Angeles to the Midwest, where they bought an auction house and are transforming it from a rancher to a Scandinavian cabin. Erin says:

“I should start off by saying that when Husband and I decided to tackle a fixer-upper, we weren’t prepared for a total gut renovation (TGR, if you’re fancy). In my mind, a fixer-upper meant just that: fixing up. In Husband’s mind, it meant the opposite: tearing down.”

Along the way, Erin will share their experience with everything from architects to paint colors to mold remediation (yuck!). And since Erin and I share a love of Suzanne Susanka’s Not So Big House philosophy, we’ll also get her inside scoop on how they used it in their 1,500 sq ft space.

Now I’ll step aside and let Erin introduce herself and take us on a tour of her house. Look for Erin’s posts every Wednesday as we follow her mega-renovation from start to finish.


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  3. patricia says:

    Wow! I admire you for taking on such a huge project but I can't wait to see the results. I agree with everyone else-you're a natural on the camera!

  4. aj (aunt judy) says:

    Yah!!! Got to see the first video introducing the big project!!! Mucho fun, Loechners, with you as the captivating hosts, I must say. I agree with Sheila about the unfortunate circumstance of not receiving abroad, though. Felicitaciones on the coup (sorry to mix languages, but oh well). AJ thinks you guys are awesome/fantasticos!

  5. Bonnie says:

    congrats erin…can't wait to see the house come to life!

  6. theaxx says:

    oh no!! I can't watch the video :( BOo hoo :(



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  8. [...] As former Los Angeles transplants, for whom a side yard consisted of a 4×4 grassy patch adjacent to the garage and the streets are anything but quiet, a backyard in a quaint neighborhood was pretty high on our wish list when it came to house hunting. After perusing the market for what seemed like forever, we found our dream neighborhood in one of the best school districts of Fort Wayne.* My new favorite place to walk our dogs and ride my sweet little bike, Betty. Full of walking/biking paths, close proximity to errand-running and my favorite local shops, we fell in love with the neighborhood from the get-go. And because the majority of these homes were built in the mid-century, we knew we’d be in for a bit of elbow grease. Yet after settling for the worst home on the block (complete with mold, rot and odors I can’t even communicate), we had a score that required more than just elbow grease. (Don’t believe me? See the home in shambles right here.) [...]

  9. Congratulations Erin! You are pretty much the cutest ever! It's going to be awesome to watch the whole process!!

  10. Mayor McCheese says:

    Rockford is bucolic? Who knew?

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