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Buzz, Woody and the crew return when Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 premieres on Friday, June 18. To celebrate, we thought we’d invite everyone to jump on the bed with us in the Kids’ Room at HGTV Dream Home 2010, where the Toy Story theme reigns supreme.

DH2010_02-kids-room-bed-pillows-woody_s4x3_lgInspired by Disney/Pixar’s beloved film Toy Story, the children’s bedroom pairs a vibrant color palette with decor that connects the space to its desert location.

DH2010_12-kids-room-disney-art_s3x4_lgCustom Toy Story artwork created for HGTV Dream Home 2010 is signed by Pixar executives, including co-founder John Lassiter.

DH2010_05-kids-room-bedside-table-buzz_s3x4_lgThe bedpost is decked with a cowboy hat and lasso. A Buzz Lightyear action figure stands at the ready for playtime fun. “Jack got really excited about the cowboy theme,” recalls interior designer Linda Woodrum. “He went out and bought the chaps and hat.”

Keep lookin’, pardner: Take the 360-degree tour of the bedroom or check out the photo gallery.


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  1. Feinmann Inc says:

    What a cute design for a kids themed room, something that over time a child can grow into, and stay in. The design has staying power. When designing a bedroom, no matter your age, add your personality into the room make it yours, a place you want to come to.

  2. Marshall Mechanical says:

    This is such a clever design! I feel like Andy really lives here.

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  4. YvetteG says:

    Where could I find the bedding (fabric, sheets, etc.) used in this room? I love it!!

  5. YvetteG says:

    Kelley, would you be able to tell me where they purchased the fabric/bedding for this room? I'm planning to use this for my son's room. Thank you!

  6. @Mom_Mart says:

    Yes! I too want to know where I can purchase the bedding. It is perfect and I would love to buy them for my boys bunk beds!

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