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Recently, I came across the cutest product — the GurglePot. The beautiful, clean design of this fish-shaped pitcher was enough to win me over, but the gurgling sound it makes when it pours sealed the deal. This week, we’re giving you the chance to win ten Gurglepots in a variety of colors. All you have to do is answer our question before 12/11c, Monday, June 21. Be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.


This week we want to know, when is cute decor too cute? Do you draw the line at pink marabou pillows? What about canisters with a puppy motif? You have until 12/11c Monday to answer. Click for official rules.



162 Responses

  1. Jennifer Gallagher says:

    It depends entirely upon the person for whom the space is designed for. Everyone possesses their own individual style and if someone one wants a house covered in pink hearts and teddy bears, then to each their own. What matters is that at the end of the day, that person has a perfect haven to come home to and relax in.

  2. When it looks like you children decorated your house – I had a friend who had teddy bears and tea sets everywhere… it looked like a little girls dream home… and she was single without children! When your adult home looks more like a child's fantasy – that is when cute threw up in your house… lol.

    • I agree. I was watching House Hunters yesterday (the one in New Orleans). And she really liked the house in the French Quarter, because it was so traditional. She picked something else… so I was really interested to see how she decorated since she was so into the traditional flair. And… Everything was floor to ceiling MICKEY MOUSE. Cute, but why care about traditional architecture and style if you plan on having a Disney theme throughout.

  3. Elaine says:

    I think cutesy depends on color, intensity and detail of design and the subject. For example the Gurgle Pot is not cutesy because the detail of the fish is subtle and the color is subdued. If it was loud colors with big fish eyes and detail of the scales it would become cutesy. Anything having to do with kittens, hearts, cows and puppies no matter how subdued and plain is always cutesy.

  4. Jacque says:

    I just think you can tell something is too cute when it gives you that pinching sensation in the back of your jaw – the one that feels like you're sucking on a lemon. If it makes you pucker it's probably just too cute.

  5. Kim M. P-a says:

    Anything over done in a space that is meant to be unisex

  6. Danielle says:

    Until my daughter was born, cute decor was not allowed in our home! I was so happy to finally have some pink and flowers around. However, I agreed with others – when people take design themes over the top, cute becomes too much.

  7. For me, sleek, uncluttered design with calming accents as an adult in this day and age is preferred, but please keep me young at heart with 'hidden out in the open' surprises like the GurglePot! =)

  8. AngeLeya says:

    If there's no edge of elegance, then it loses the cute, gotta-have-it element. Slightly restrained and environment appropriate is the way not to overdo the cute.

  9. Katie Downs says:

    For me farm animals in the kitchen is WAY TOO CUTE!! Sorry, no roosters or cows or chickens in my kitchen…..unless they're on the menu, hahaha!

  10. Brenda Pieper says:

    It's too cute when I can't decide if it should go in my daughters' room or the rest of the house. If it is deemed "too cute", it goes in the cute little girl room… or my scrap room!

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